Comparing 2016’s Best Web Browsers for Improving Internet Experience: Comparison among Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge

best web browser
We need to explore the best web browsers for internet surfing on smartphone, laptops, PC’s, tablets and phones. This article will definitely help you out in answering to this question.
You will be having only one option of Browser which is Internet explorer in case using brand new machine. In the Windows 10, you will have the Microsoft’s new edge web browser which is not available in earlier windows.
According to the Updates of 12 May: In the race of becoming best web browser, Opera has come up with its updated version of browser which offers in-built extension of ads-blocker so you not be frustrated with tons of ads. Secondly, the user can have VPN service with unlimited use for amount of time. These two features will definitely help the Opera browser to win the race of becoming best web browser when competition is really tough. It is important to mention here that these features are only available in the developer edition and expected to be released in user version soon. For the time being, you can also download the developer edition. This updated opera version will be available on the Windows 10.
There is also an update on the Microsoft side as they have extended its support for the extensions in Edge browser. Before, user had to manually install the all extensions then remove them all to re-install the updates. Now this is not the case in Windows 10.
According to our analysis, we are sure about that the updates released by the Opera browser is more compelling and may contribute into increasing its overall market share. This is definitely making the Opera best web browser in the article so far.    
There has been interesting studies conducted, where reveals that mostly users installs their favorite web browser in new laptops or PC’s before any updated anti-virus.
We are going to share a market share of web browsers in the world, the stats are updated on December 2015. 
This chart shows that “Google Chrome” is enjoying more than half of the market share for internet browser which makes it market leader with bigger margin. It is followed by the “Safari” web browser which falls in the second position having 12.39% market share.
This news has been widely circulated and large number of people came across with the latest controlled lab tests conducted by the Microsoft to evaluate the performances of different web browser in order to design its new “Edge Browser” adding all good features of different browser. This test revealed the information that Google Chrome consumes the more battery than any other web browser. In the below picture, you can see the results of lab tests.
Although, these statistics are not influencing the user much about the popularity of Google Chrome and it is still widely used by the large number of people which makes it capturing more than half of the market. It is also important to say that this is one factor to measure the performance of web browser, there are many others too.
There are some big industry experts also conducted the test on web browser on the basis of speed factor. But, the thing is all these browsers are continuously coming up with latest updates and each test result becomes out dated within few days, which makes it useless.
Moreover, people are not restricted or limited using single web browser or they cannot afford five or six browser at the same time. If majority of people are using the “Google Chrome”, they can easily switch to other internet browser or running all browsers at the same time.
The usage of web browser is also depended upon which operating system you are using. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are suitable for Windows, whereas Opera and Safari is suitable for Mac users.
One thing must say that all browsers ensures the data security and good performance to the users. They save your favorite pages, offer the multiple extensions and enable you sync your data from one computer to another which facilitates you retrieving the data. Moreover, all browsers are also offering useful widgets which provides the shortcuts to access the files and locations.
Here, I tell you why the use of more than one browser is recommend because if you are unable to find one specific not supported by browser, you can try other browser with the same extension. Similarly, one site is not running in one browser you can try it on other browser. 
Chrome            Safari              Firefox             IE                 Edge              Opera
Cloud                 Yes                  Yes                  Yes                    No               Yes              
Private                 Yes                 Yes                  Yes                   Yes         Yes                   
Download           Yes                 Yes                  Yes                     Yes        Yes                  
Custom                 Yes               No                   Yes                     Yes        No                    
Windows           Yes             Yes                 Yes                 Yes        Yes                   

Mac OS            Yes              Yes                  Yes                 No         No                    

Linux               Yes              No                    Yes                 No          No                    

Android            Yes             No                     Yes                 No         No                    

IOS                  Yes             Yes                     Yes                   No                No                     
Internet Explorer and Edge is not available on Mac operating system because IE and Edge is owned by Microsoft which has its own operating system. Moreover, we have shared the all features of the web browser so that you can also make decide which is the best web browser available which suits your needs best. Best web browser can be different for different persons, but a user can fulfill all its browsing needs through using more than one browser.