5G Will Let You Downloading 1GB in 3 Seconds and Full-Lenght 4K Movie in 18 Minutes


Does it sound possible that one can download 1GB data in 3 seconds? It is not quite possible at least using 3G / 4G connections available these days. Good news for those who always make such fantasies in mind and now it’s about to come true soon. 5G will let you downloading 1GB data in 3 seconds. The World is about to enter the 5G zone and experiencing the fastest internet speed. All big Smartphone brands engage themselves in extensive planning and R&D process in order to manufacturer a 5G supported mobile phone and show the adaptability with the latest technology to meet the consumer demand.

Who reported about 5G connectivity and its downloading speed? They are the same who will bring the 5G technology to the users and takes the credit for it, Qualcomm.

Qualcomm gathered the audience and revealed about the upcoming 5G and how can it contribute into better internet usage experience and overall mobile technology. The CEO of Qualcomm, also shared some interesting facts in his official address.

He stated that 5G should not be seeing as the next version of 3G and 4G, it is a lot more than that and revolves around the whole field of mobile telephony. He further said that 5G is going to be supporting the evolution of modern age technologies like Virtual Reality live-streaming and connected townships, etc.

According to CEO of Qualcomm, 5G is going to make drastic changes in the industry; It will not only increase the data speeds but also reducing the associated costs. Other than these benefits, the most worth mentioning thing about 5G is its low tendency comparing to 3G and 4G, it will surely help the 5G users to be achieving the critical operations. 5G benefits will not be limited to the telecom industry but it also includes electricity and automobile sector. The entire economy and society is going to be benefited.

Commission has also conducted the research on the predicted benefits of Qualcomm and expectedly 5G creates 22 million jobs and estimated revenue generation is $3.5 trillion by the end of 2035. Furthermore, the high speed and low tendency of 5G would enable the user to be downloading full-length 4K movie within eighteen seconds.