How to Use Snapchat Filters, Do We Have New Filters Coming?


I can surely say there is no one on the earth who does not know about Snapchat & Snapchat filters and even not heard about it. People are using it sharing memories through sharing the photos on the Snapchat account. This app is especially designed for instantly taking pictures and uploads them on the account so your all contacts can see it. People have shared its billions of photos through Snapchat which made people laugh, emotional, surprise and sometimes nothing happened to them:).

Then another good thing happened to all Snapchat users, they all got introduced with the Snapchat filters and effects need to be applying on photos and making them more attractive and art loving. It made it more meaningful taking the photos, apply the filter & effects and share on Snapchat because this is how you can share your art work too. Snapchat filters did not let the Snapchat limited to sharing photos but move it ahead. I am going to introduce Snapchat filters currently available to its users and explain its usage.

Snapchat Data-Filters:   

This Snapchat filter is used for displaying the user’s battery life, temperature, date & time or speed of the user or his / her vehicle. This is another way of communicating your current status about all these elements mentioned. Data filter may require you giving the access to your location services and turned it on. You may be thinking why would anyone like to apply Snapchat Data-Filter on your photos, how should I know:).

Snapchat filters
Snapchat data filter

Snapchat Geo-Filters:

This Snapchat filter is used for displaying your current location on the snap, this filter is available in three categories.

1- In its first category, It only shows the city name on your snap.

2- In its second category, it is the personal custom geo-filter in which you can download the own choice of any free template, set the personal photo on it, set the time filter while following the all guidelines issued by Snapchat to approve your customer made geo-filter. You also have to enter your personal geographical details.

3- In the third category, it is created on demand and includes the branded logos must be approved by the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Filters
Snapchat Geo-Filter

Snapchat Color Filters:

Snapchat color filter will add the color shades on your image; you can apply any one or multiple color shades to make the image more appealing. Snapchat users use the black color filter on photo to give the classic look. To choose any one or multiple colors, you need to swipe on the screen left to right or vice-versa, choose the color filter and share it.

Snapchat filters
Snapchat color filter

Snapchat Filter for Videos:

Its video filters enables the user interacting with own videos in special manner while sharing on Snapchat.

  1. A Rewind Filter will move your video and sound both in backwards.
  2. A Faster Fast Forward Filter will play the video at its maximum speed and so the video’s sound.
  3. Another filter in the name of Fast Forward will also increase the speed of video playing, but the speed would be lesser than the speed of Faster Fast Forward’s filter.
  4. Slow motion reduces the original speed of video and sound both.


There are several other hidden filters available in the Snapchat app and you need to keep updated with us and knowing about those filters in upcoming posts. You may not have any idea about that every month new Snapchat filters arrives and get updated to keep your interest higher with this app. For Instance, there is a month coming in which “Happy Siblings Day” will be celebrated, we can expect that Snapchat will release the relevant filter to make all siblings celebrate that day through taking the pictures, apply that filter and share on social media.