Items Are Being Mismanaged and Mishandled, Ordered on AliExpress


AliExpress is an online retailer and large number of Pakistanis buys the unique and cheaper items from this site. There are lots of retailers selling its high quality items in large variety such as mobile accessories, furniture, consumer electronics and many more though AliExpress. These retailers belong to China and Pakistanis imports the items by placing the order on this site.

However, people started making complains about non-delivery of ordered items when its status shows that “Goods are Shipped” from the seller destination. It has been reported that ordered items reached the Karachi Port but get lost before delivering to its real owner. We meet the various people going through the similar situation and every 3 out of 4 people made complain about non-delivery of items were ordered on AliExpress.


It is not only about Stealing the goods from the staff but orders are being mismanaged and mishandled at the time of delivery, our National Post Office is also showing a negligent behavior, according to the sources.

You can see a video below in which bags are being thrown all over the floor at railway station. These bags are not owned by those people because it’s a cargo train and those people are in the staff.

These are the all bags once shipped from other countries and reached the Pakistan sea port. These bags not only include the luggage of items imported directly from AliExpress but there are also other luggage’s from other sources as well.

This video shows that staff not bothering about protection of items inside the luggage regardless its sensitivity. This is totally the mishandling of Post Office staff and its owners are paying a cost for that.

There is less probability that you order the item on AliExpress and ultimately going to be delivered with what you ordered. Secondly, It needs to be very careful ordering the delicate items on AliExpress, which might be delivered but not in one piece.

According to the AliExpress policy, all goods lost during the shipment makes the seller responsible for payment and after that buyer is responsible. This confusion has already made the retailers on AliExpress stopped dispatching and shipping goods to Pakistan.