All Proxies are blocked to access Netflix content without geographical Limits

In this article, we will be discussing an update about Netflix has blocked all its proxies to prevent the user for unauthorized access. All Movies and TV lovers are happy with the availability of Netflix in their countries once they have expanded into 190 countries in the Globe. They should need to know the availability of content is limited to the each country according to its licensing restriction and rights. They cannot allow its subscribers watching the video content which license have bought by any local vendor. According to the senior management of Netflix, they said we ensure our subscribers to resolve the licensing issues as soon as possible so that they can have access to complete content in our library though it sounds simple but it is quite difficult in reality in terms of complex legal framework in 190 countries.
Proxies are being blocked by Netflix
Proxy is such a technique which helps user spoofing its IP address and it’s be like user is accessing the website from other country where there is no such restriction such as limited content availability in Netflix. Access to TV shows from one country may not be accessible from other countries. Users has started the proxies to have the full access but the recent statement of David Fullagar who is Vice President, we have started blocking down the all proxies and unauthorized access and installed the detectors which automatically detects out the IP generated from proxies to deceive the Netflix library. There are several other online companies engaged in using the same detection technology and known companies are Hulu and Amazon. He also stated that they do not want to leave its subscribers behind compromising with limited content but they are putting their best efforts for resolving the licensing issue. Practically speaking, it will take the Netflix much long time to resolve it.
Netflix Fans may change their Decision


Since, nobody wants limited access especially when he is paying for the all. This may change the decision of the Netflix fans that were anxiously for the Netflix in their respective countries. There are still free torrents available for downloading the movies and shows without any limited access. There is a long way for Netflix to capture the decent market in countries other than United States as lots of factors will make the people not be interested in having the subscription and rather manage the video content through other sources.
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