An Android App “Familoop Parental Control”

Familoop Parental Control

Family Parental Control App

In the era of information technology, it can be used as an advantage over the competitors whether in studies or business. It has signified the importance of information & communication devices such as smartphones. It has become the basic necessity of life from children to elders. Children can have the best use of it in studies. There are lots of education apps available which better helps children in pursuing studies and take the most out of it. Parents do not find any reason not buying a smartphone device for their children, but at the same time there is a risk of misuse of it. Children can have different kinds of misuse of smartphone device and even use it for longer hours distracted from studies. An android app is developed considering this parental problem which name is “Familoop Parental Control”. It needs to be installed in the android devices of parent and children both. It has numerous functions to keep a check on the usage of android devices; parents can control the web and app-blocker key feature and track the all activities. This app enables the parents to monitor the all contacts in their children device as well as location tracking. Parent can instantly find out whether kids are using age-inappropriate apps on the device and they can block them. Parents want the children to make the productive usage of the smartphone. A location tracking ability notifies the parents when kids are leaving the home and their exact location in a city, which keeps the parents confident.

There is another excellent feature which can keep the control over amount of time children uses their android devices. Parents can set the device with certain numbers of hour’s device usage and children will not be able using android devices when time exceeds. It is available on the Android Play Store and it is primarily available on the trial period for ten days which must be enough time to make a final decision. It has monthly $4.99 subscription in which parents have the option installing app on up to three devices. As far as 10 devices plan is concerned, it is available for $9.99 per month.