Android apps which can also work offline

Recommended android apps also available offline


Smartphones are supposed to be garbage without the internet connectivity, since almost all apps are designed as online-focused apps and else it is useless. Twenty four hours internet availability may not be ensured which leaves the user with no option but keeping his mobile in the pocket. It needs to find out the apps which are also available offline and give the smartphone a worth using it offline as well. These are the all android apps discussed about available offline.
Spotify is must downloading android app for the music lovers who cannot resist spending time in travelling or else non-productive activities without music ( Though, music also increases the work productivity depends upon nature of work ). It is such an amazing music app gives the user access to millions of soundtracks online and offline both. A user can synchronize his playlist to make sure all selected soundtracks are available offline. Secondly, Spotify app enables user transferring the all soundtracks to the SD card from the limited phone memory to keep the mobile memory free. Spotify is charging $9.99 per month to its subscriber for offering its large music library and flexibility of listening the soundtrack offline as well.  

Spotify App

Trip Adviser Hotels Flights
It is best travelling android app where users are sharing their travelling experience, photos, videos and other important information critical to have safe and joyful journey. One who is hosting the app keep rating the travelling destinations, hotels, flights and other services based on the traveller reviews? This app can make the user right decision in choosing the hotel, airline and they would only visit recommended destinations where they can enjoy most without wasting time in searching for those destinations. Travelling app must be available offline because a traveller may not have internet everywhere but he needs this app to make the instant decision for saving himself from bad trip and wasting of money. People do not feel worse about anything else but when they spend on luxurious foreign trip for spending holidays and suffer a lot due to lack of information.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

Google Drive
Though, Google Drive was originated offering its cloud storage services to keep the data secure online, when the user can lose or get virus infected data in the computer. But, It also enables downloading the own files from Google cloud storage account for offline usage. I remember went to the Interview and forgot bringing my Resume with me, I had Google Drive app on my Smartphone and I opened my Resume on this app and handover to the Interviewer. Its online availability saved me from kicking out of the interview room.

Google Drive app

It is basically a reading app available on the Play Store and the best thing is makes the user read the articles offline as well. A user can save the online articles and videos through the Pocket app to the own device and read later whenever finds the time. There are several alternative apps available of the Pocket but it user friendly and colorful interface ease the things for user. Its basic version is free but subscriber has to pay $5 monthly for the premium version. Mostly users believe that Pocket search is better than its main competitor Instapaper’s which allows the Pocket user better access to more online articles and save it to read later. Other good thing is all content saved through the Pocket is actually saved permanently in its library and user can access the old saved articles anytime even the original link is disappeared from Internet or it is removed from website. 

Pocket App

Google Translate
It is an app for translating in to ninety different languages whatever the user speaks or writes. All user have to do is downloading the Google Translator and type in to it to get the translated version. Its offline availability is critical because now days people are writing blogs and maintaining news websites in own mother language or other foreign languages. They have to use Google Translate for long hours to write articles and reviews so that it can translate from large number of words from one language to other language. Bloggers are actually the major user of this app on the Smartphone and Tablets. Its offline availability improves the experience for the user.

Google Translate App

Google Maps
The updated version of Google map has better functionality and removed all the lapses from the previous version. You can download the maps of your city or country and use it offline on your smartphone to find your destination. It is making the user’s life easy because it informs you about alternative routes to your final destination while there is a traffic jam or other road problem on your daily route. Google Maps is such an app on the Android Play store which must have been available offline and it is actually available for the user. 

Google Map App