Best Adventure Games of Old Times


Best adventure games have the same passionate fan following like for the adventurous movies which thrill the viewer while watching adventurous movie and super-excite the player while playing adventure game. This game category is never been dead since the gaming world started creating wide range of big and small games, adventures games were always alive and still enjoying highest sales revenues. You should carefully choose games in this category, may start playing with really bad one which made you thinking that all adventures games are bad. After all, first impression is your last impression. We do not want you to be in such situation and sharing top best adventure games with you while ranking each of them in ascending order. You may start playing game one having least rating and keep coming towards the higher rating adventurous games to keep your amazement level stable.

#7 Police Quest 3: The Kindred

Police Quest was one of the best adventure games in the 80’s and early 90’s while having no strict competition with other game developing companies. It has a point and click interface while following the instructions and overall game story on the screen board. The mouse is used for interacting with the objects in the game to proceed the game play. There were various puzzles includes in the game to solve the adventurous & mysterious through finding the clues. This adventurous game also makes the player shooting the enemy before he does. Player also has to manually drive the car which appears on the mini side screen as well as fill the gas once it is low. Police Quest is a game based on drugs cartel criminals with whom player has to be dealt with.

Best adventure games
Police Quest 3 ( Best adventure games)

#6 Discworld Noir

This adventurous game was released in 1999 and Perfect Entertainment was a development company for this game. Its major game-play involves the player in conversation with other characters for inspecting the murder case. Lewton is the private investigator who maintains the notebook and keeps recording the crucial facts and data in notebook while interrogating suspects. I must say that its Story-line has major contribution of still making Discworld Noir as one of the best adventure games even it was released seventeen years ago.

Best adventure games
Discworld Noir ( Best adventure games )

#5 Blackwell Series

Dave Gilbert is the very well known name of the person known for producing best adventure games since 2006. He is an established identity of creating adventure games which could never be missed by the hardcore gamer. He is also the game designer and producer of Blackwell Series which became a legacy later and benchmark for other adventurous games. The story-line is quite interesting in which a lady character “Rosangela Blackwell” (Rosa) had to be helping the Spirit named Joey Mallone who is a ghost and wanted her to help out other ghosts got stuck in the real world. One of stuck ghosts is a girl who committed the suicide and in the middle of life and death, now how Rosa would help her is a main story-line. The Game-play is simple involves you in point and click.

Best adventure games
Blackwell Series ( Best adventure games )


#4 Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

In the year of 1993, Sierra game development company which created Gabriel Knight introduced the dark feature in the adventurous game. They convinced the people that any adventure in dark environment will be more thrilling. At the same time, Police Quest was making adventure through creating the serious storyline.

The story-line shows the time passing in days and certain action needs to be performed for each day. Player has to perform those specific actions within that day to proceed. Gabrial is a main character who is supposed to investigate the ultimate crime of murder in story-line with the help of clues. Its story-line makes it one of the best adventure games of old times.

Best adventure games
Gabrial Knight: Sins of the Father ( Best adventure games )


#3 Broken Sword

This game has been releasing its new versions since 1996 and each version comes up with splendid entry. It involves solving the great mysterious story in which criminal activity started from Paris where bomb exploded in café, player started his journey to follow this criminal activity and convinced that the criminal knot ends with underworld gang. George Stobbart is a Protagonist playing a detective role accompanied by a journalist named Nicole with the help find the person behind this criminal activity.

This game uses the click and point approach for interacting with the objects to proceed in the game. Protagonist needs to be collecting items which provide the hints and clues to resolve the puzzles for proceeding in investigation of criminal activity. There were the “conversation icon” located on the screen to click and get the information about game puzzles. It was the first adventurous game in which Protagonist could die and player had to be re-starting game from last saving point. This is one of the best adventure games in which enjoys game-play and story-line both at the same time.


Best adventure games
Broken Sword ( Best adventure games )

#2 Grim Fandango

This was the revolutionary game at that old time using the Grime Engine which allows the developers static background through 3D Models, the main character named is Manny which movements are controlled by Keyboard or Joystick. This game introduced the new feature in which player has to be collecting the objects through controlling Manny without any text appears on screen and rather she moves her head toward that object needs you to pick up. Game-play involves the Manny to be engaged in conversation with other characters to obtain the clues about puzzles and proceed in game. This is the best adventure game in terms of its easy controls, new head movement feature and curious kind of puzzles.

Best adventure games
Grim Fandango ( Best adventure games )

#1 Day of the Tentacle

I have no doubt declaring the “Day of the Tentacle” as the best adventure game created in old times ( there is also lots of funny stuff in this game). Day of the Tentacle has three protagonist characters based on different time period using the broken time machine. You need to solve the initial puzzles before obtaining the ability of time travelling and shifting from one character to another which enables you interacting with the objects in game’s world of different time  period. When you collect a useful inventory in one time period, then you can transport it to other time period by placing it at portable toilets. Secondly, once you left the item at somewhere in the past, another character will pick up that item from same place in future. The interesting thing is these items are essential to solve the puzzles and each character has to be helping each other playing different time periods. Its time travelling features definitely makes it best adventure game ever and it was the quite new concept at that old time.

Best adventure games
Day of the Tentacle ( Best adventure games )

We have shared with you seven top best adventure games of old times with you which should be playing in ascending order to keep the momentum. We will soon share the best adventure games of present time, since this is ever green game category and hardcore Gamers will never get bored of it at least not expected in near future.