Best Android Browsers and Its Features: Incognito Mode, Ad-blocker, Full Flash Support and Others

    Best android browsers

    Best Android browsers are more important for Smartphone usage comparing to the using browsers on PC / laptops for internet usage. You have less patience using Internet on Smartphone at small screen with complicated multiple-tasking handling and it can wait for a while for browsing the sites on laptops when you are quite easily able to do other things such as word processing. Since, we are discussing here about Android Smartphone usage and therefore sharing Best Android Browsers with you.

    Dolphin Browser
    Dolphin Browser is such a browser on Android which large number of android users love it for its efficient performance and multiple features offering. It enables the user browsing and surfing the sites with all supported and required plugins. You can have the flash support on Dolphin Android browser as well as ad-block extension to avoid the irritating ads on the screen. It is most suitable and best android browser for the users who wants to privately use the internet without expecting browser to save those entire sites user visited, it is offering incognito mode in which user uses internet in separate window. According to the user reviews, Dolphin browser has covered all its basic features which are essential in any best android browsers.

    Best Android Browsers
    Dolphin Browser ( Best Android Browsers )

    It has been long time since Firefox launched its Android version on the Smartphone. It was quite easy for the developers and team to reach the Firefox android browser in a position where it is known as one of the best android browser and the reason is already enjoying good reputation at Windows platform. Firefox android version is offering really useful feature such as enabling user bookmark the site, enhance the privacy, quick sharing and the amazing support coming from its team. A user can also have additional plugins to improve the overall internet browsing experience. Its team is continuously engaged in updating the features over the time.

    Best Android Browsers
    Firefox ( Best Android Browsers )

    This is an unique style of web browser which lets you internet surfing, opening the sites and multiple links at the same time without leaving the app and its main page. A user need to open its main page for tapping on the news, articles, videos and other kind of content to select which then opens in other windows at the background. A user can then go to the other windows opening your stuff by tapping on its pop up window at the bottom. Since, Flynx is a browser allows internet surfing in other windows which does not allow the browser to show you ads.

    Best Android Browsers
    Flynx ( Best Android Browsers )

    Other pages will never open as long as you do not tap on the pop up bubble appears on the side of the screen. Therefore, you do not have to leave the main interface page and open as many links as you want to see them all once they open in the background. This is a best android browser for the people usually engage in opening multiple pages at the same time.

    Ghostery Browser
    Ghostery Browser is offering useful extensions supports the Google Chrome and Firefox. It is one of its extensions which increases the privacy and allows blocking all website trackers to prevent the check upon you. Ghostery Browser has also got good reputation in Windows and they launched the same version on Android. We cannot expect various features coming out this Ghostery Browser but at least it is good enough to meet the basic browsing needs on Android mobile. It is a great browser for people who need privacy and bookmarking feature.

    Best Android Browsers
    Ghostery Browsers ( Best Android Browsers )

    Google Chrome
    All Android Smartphone users will get the pre-installed Google Chrome browser on their Smartphone and most probably find the best one. They do not need to install other web browser because they get the satisfaction from it. It has amazing features such as use the unlimited tabs on the Google Chrome window for ultimate web browsing experience. It is deeply integrated with the Android operating system which improves the Internet browsing speed and receives no viruses. Therefore, these features make the Google Chrome best android browser for large number of users. Since, Android is also owned by Google and they have same development team, which makes Google Chrome android version browser is one of the best android browser in technical point of view.

    Best Android Browsers
    Google Chrome ( Best Android Browsers )

    Mercury Browser
    Mercury Browser received the large number of positive reviews from IOS users because it was first launched at IOS platform. This browser has made strong emphasis over privacy and installed with pass code lock feature as well as incognito mode enables the user surfing internet without leaving the record behind. You can all flash required videos on Mercury Browser as well as install the ad-block extension. This browser is available in multiple beautiful themes which is a good feature. Mercury browser is one of the best android browsers who needs privacy and security.

    Best Android Browsers
    Mercury ( Best Android Browsers )

    Naked Browser
    You may think of Naked Browser another ordinary web browser to use but do not judge it on the basis of its simple user interface. It is embedded with amazing features which overall improves your browsing speed. Its developers has made the quite good or amazing web browser in the name of Naked Browser, they did the excellent technical work which increases the browsing speed multiple times while using it. On the other hand, they have compromised over its looks and User Interface. Being a user of web browser, I will not give the priority to its interface but concerned about how it works. This is one of the best android browsers if you do not see its interface which does not look beautiful.

    Naked Browser ( Best Android Browsers )
    Naked Browser ( Best Android Browsers )

    Opera Browser
    Opera Browser is the one with continuously updating with the new and latest features available to any other web browser on Android, its technical team is striving and working hard to make Opera as one of the best android browsers available. They have launched its dedicated VPN using it and you can access to any restricted site unfortunately currently available on IOS. One of its features is known as “Speed Dial” for saving your favorite sites instantly. Opera Browser is a good responsive design which allows its perfect use on Android devices whether Smartphone or Tablet.

    Best Android Browsers
    Opera ( Best Android Browsers )

    Puffin Browser
    Puffin Browser is not best android browser as others, it has own unique features which makes it best. You can have access to its strange features such as virtual mouse using for playing the games in its gaming mode. Though you can also find other regular browser features in it such as incognito mode for privately using the internet and other data saving features. The best thing about Puffin Browser is its Full Flash Support but it will be only available for up to twelve hours in a day which is quite enough. Puffin Browser is one of the best android browsers in its own style.

    Best Android Browsers
    Puffin Browser ( Best Android Browsers )

    UC Browser
    A UC Browser is very popular in Android Play Store and enjoying the positive reviews from the user. There is a surprising fact about UC Browser is that it mainly targets the users lives outside the America. You can have access to its multiple amazing but regular features such as gesture control, ad-block, night mode and data compression features. You can switch on its Facebook Mode feature and after that your Facebook browsing speed will increase multiple times. UC Browser is enjoying 4.5 rating on the Google PlayStore.

    Best Android Browsers
    UC Browser ( Best Android Browsers )


    We have shared with you best android browsers available till the time period, you can also share with us any on the comment section, if we missed any.