Best Android Games of 2016 So Far

Every android smartphone user is looking for bunch of best android game and we wrote an article on it. Android has Play Store known for its availability of good entertaining games which makes the player involved into it and they spend countless hours on it. The smartphone gaming is very amazing experience for the gamers who only used to be playing games on console. We are going to discuss best android games released in 2016 so far, we are also expecting lots of other new interesting games release by the end of this year. 
Assassin’s Creed Identity 
It’s a franchise of the Assassin Creed on X-Box Console and developed by the Ubisoft. It is an adventure and action based game where player can create and customize its own character while set its levels throughout the game. We do not much expect about the game with higher graphics on Smartphone, but you will definitely not only enjoy the higher graphics but decent gameplay as well. Initially, its beta version is available which has few bugs and it is expected that regular version will have smooth gameplay and better graphics. It is available on Play Store free with in-app purchases. It is ranked as first best android game in 2016 so far.

Bejeweled Stars
It is chosen as second best android game for you people, it is basically a puzzle game in which you need to match the shapes in order to clear the board level. It keeps shifting the stars on the board once shapes are matched which makes the things either difficult or easy for you depended upon the situation. It is also available free with in-app purchases.
It is considered as third best android game in 2016. This game is the latest and updated version of old snake game which we used to be playing in old Nokia mobile phone. The latest version has released with great concept of extending the snake with different concepts. You will have to keep growing your snake through eating all the mass available on the screen, this mass is coming from other snakes controlled by live players. In this version, you can hit yourself unlike previous version. But, you have to keep yourself safe from hitting other snake which ends your life and they can eat your all mass to be growing. Snake skin is available in different colors and each color has its own attractiveness. You should try this game and especially when you are fan of old version of snake game.

Vector 2
Vector 2 has not significant changes as compared to its predecessor version, but it is more aggressive in terms of obstacles on the way. It is definitely worth trying game with lots of actions and difficulties which needs to be avoid to continue in the game. There are several new kinds of obstacles introduced which was not there in Vector 1 which makes it more interesting. Due to its unique actions ranked as fourth best android game.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter
In my opinion, it is the fifth best android game available at Play Store so far. This is a puzzle based action game and it has game play similar to Lara Craft Go. In this game, you control the character of Nathan Drake for avoiding the death traps, solving the puzzles and then collect the coins. Though, graphics are not good but game play makes this game worth playing.