10 Best Android Launchers 2016 For Customization, Themes and Widgets – Best Android Launchers For Experiencing Android Differently

Best Android Launchers
Best Android Launchers

The best thing about Android devices allows the great amount of flexibility in terms of customizing its features and changes in its UI. People prefer Android Smartphone over iPhone because they do not have to be limited with by default features and not much customization is allowed. You can find several apps on Android Play Store which offers creative widgets to enable the user making shortcut of apps and set the stylish weather icons. But, we are going to share with you best Android launchers to enjoy the larger extent of customization and variety of beautiful themes. It is depended upon the user how good he makes the use of Android device through downloading the right app for the specific usage and Android launcher is a kind of app uses for changing the entire outlook and user interface.

Best Android Launchers has become the integral part of Android devices especially for the user who likes something new and different in experiencing the Android. It changes everything from how you act on the home screen to using variety of widgets and set them on the main. There is no doubt that Android Launcher is the best app among all other categories of apps which allows maximum flexibility and customization.

10 Best Android Launchers 2016

Action Launcher

Action is one of the Best Android Launchers available in the year 2016 as it enables the user using its tons of customizing features for every time experiencing the Android with something new. It is a kind of Android launcher with variety of features including Quick draw, Quick page, covers, shutters and many more. Action Android launcher features the Quick theme which changes your background based on specific theme and rest of the other phone features acts consistent with the theme. Its Quick page feature enables the users accessing the specific saved websites and pages anytime by swiping right from left edge of the home screen. It becomes the second home screen for the user. Similarly, user also need to be using the Quick draw feature in which swiping from left to right edge of screen which shows all of the apps installed will be displayed on one column and you can tap on whichever you want to open on instant basis.

Action Launcher is one of the best Android launchers currently available.


Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has been available on the Android store for very long time period and it is reviewed as one of the Best Android Launchers considering its good customization features. It enables the user customizing the home screen along with grid size. It changes the user scrolling habits and places scrolling dock where plenty of icons can be laid down, its limited scrolling within dock to access the frequently tapping icons. Apex launcher is also known for its mind blowing transitional animations looks really beautiful. It is supported on both resolution sizes of Tablet and Smartphone.

Apex Launcher is one of the best Android launchers known for transitional animations.

Best Android Launchers
Best Android Launchers

Arrow Launcher 

Arrow Launcher was having mixed reviews on its initial launch period but soon its popularity started increasing and now considered as one of the Best Android Launchers one can download and install. Its key features include Recent Activity, People, Documents, Reminders and many more. Its Recent Activity feature enables you quickly get back to the recent activities you performed on the Smartphone such as text messages, social media, phone calls, photos and others. It’s “People” features enables you easily finding the contact number of the people who matters the most and frequently contacted. It’s “Document” feature offers you easily access to most important documents stored on the mobile storage or cloud, can also be easily shared through WhatsApp or Email.

Arrow launcher is one of the Best Android Launchers freely available on Play Store.

Best Android Launchers
Best Android Launchers

Atom Launcher

Atom Launcher is also worth mentioning here and should be included in the top 10 list of Best Android Launchers. It is a theme based launcher and its additional themes can be downloaded from the Google Store. It also offers several other features including hidden dock, built-in-widgets, gestural controls, icon pack support and variety of other customization. Atom Launcher comes up with variety of widgets which provides Search Bar, Daily Calendar, Memo, Quick Settings and Contacts.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers freely available and its full version is available at the price of $1.99.

Go Launcher EX

No other Android Launcher can meet the popularity of “Go Launcher EX” and its installs exceeds 100 million on the store. People like using this launcher because of its simplicity and extensive theming options comes up with more than 10,000 variety of theme available and also being updated on weekly basis.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers considering its popularity and number of downloads.

Google Now Launcher

Android is owned by Google and they developed an Android launcher in the name of “Google Now” Launcher which is highly compatible with Android OS which makes it lightweight app to quickly run on Android Smartphone. Google Now Launcher is installed on Nexus series by default and does not use much resources of Smartphone. It provides you the pure Android User Interface but does not offer variety of customization features.

It is one of the Best Android Launchers considering its lightweight and quick support on Android Smartphone.

Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher enables you enjoying the access on all essential features a good launcher must be having. Its app drawer feature can be accessed by double-tap on screen which appears the all installed apps in Alphabetical order. Its quick launch swipe is another worth mentioning feature, user swipes from the bottom corner which gives you quick access to most frequently used apps. Hola launcher also enables you quickly hiding the apps from app drawer.

It is one of the Best Android Launchers available at free of cost on Play Store.

Launcher 8  

This is an entirely unique launcher on Android which provides you the opportunity experiencing the user interface of Nokia Windows phone based on stylish tiles. These tiles will be updated on live basis if phone is connected to the Internet. People who do not own the Nokia Windows phone can download it and experienced how it feels to have.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers freely available on Android Store.

Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is one of the highest rating Android app but not very popular comparing to other Android launchers. This launcher uses very few of your phone’s resources and do not consume much RAM. It comes up with limited features though but surely powerful ones including variety of home screens and gives an ability to re-arrange the icons. It is even lightweight app for old Android devices.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers available at the price of $2.99.

Next Launcher 3D Shell

Next Launcher includes the all unique features and also known for its uniqueness in the Android Launchers category. Next Launcher is developed by the group of developers who also developed Go Launcher. It features 3D style home screen and on the right side scroll tab is placed which enables you switching to any other home screen. Next launcher is also featuring unique themes & icon layouts, variety of widgets and its paid version is available with lots of other new features and extensions.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers known for its unique features.

Nova Launcher  

Nova is among the oldest launcher apps like Apex launcher. It has still maintained its relevancy among the latest launchers and also reviewed as one of the best one. It has tons of customizable features including gesture support, icon pack support; customize the outlook of the home screen and overall themes. It has been continuously updated on regular basis and its users love that. Nova launcher also comes up with the feature in which you can save the all home screen layouts in the back up and can be restored anytime you want.

This is one of the Best Android Launchers being available for longer time period.

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