20 Best Apple Watch Apps Should Be Downloading and Use Them, These Apps Improves Apple Watch Experience

Best Apple Watch Apps
Best Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch was the great invention from its official developers and people are still crazy for the watch. Even, it has been two years since Apple launched its Watch. Apple Watch is still in great demand due to availability of its best apps which improves the quality of life and really helpful in various contexts. You may find thousands of Apps designed for its Watch, but not all of them are relevant for you. Let us share with you the compilation of 20 Best Apple Watch Apps in the below.

  1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is pre-installed app on Apple Watch. This app makes it convenient to pay for goods and services online by taping on few buttons before successful transaction. It improves your online shopping experience and do not require you paying in cash or using cards.

  1. Apple Camera Remote

Apple Camera Remote is also pre-installed app on Apple Watch and do not have to download it. This app enables the user controlling the iPhone camera from the watch on wrist and can also capture the photos. Though, it does not let you control its front-facing camera.

Best Apple Watch Apps
Best Apple Watch Apps

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  1. Apple Maps

It’s a perfect alternative app of Google Maps and enhances own effectiveness when enables user using from wrist. A user needs asking Siri to give you directions to a specified destination. You just need to launch the app and press start to set the route. Soon, you will be started receiving instructions and directions from Siri. Watch starts vibrating when it needs you to make turn.

Best Apple Watch Apps
Best Apple Watch Apps


  1. Rules

“Rules” is a gaming app on Apple Watch, requires the user to be mentally involved. The user has to have a good memory, as one wrong tap finishes the game. It’s a simple and fun game which comes as a brain teaser.

  1. Twitter

No one can deny the addiction of Twitter and sometimes goes more than Facebook. Twitter can be used on Apple Watch for following favorite celebrities, professional experts, politicians and public figures. Its addition feature enables user marking tweets as ‘favorites’ and then retweet them. It is also powered by natural-language input which allows you to post tweets on your timeline. One of the best Apple watch apps for one loves online socializing.

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  1. Fantastical 2

‘Apple Calendar’ is a default app installed in Apple Watch which only allows you to see upcoming events on calendar but never lets you create and add own events on it, in this case using iPhone is the only option. Fantastical 2 resolved the issue and adding a feature which accepts the user’s command in natural-language input to add an event on Calendar. Commands such as ‘lunch on Tuesday at 2pm’ will be added as an event to make you remember.

  1. ProCamera

‘Apple Camera Pro’ is really a useful app as recommended above, though still lacks few features which you find in ‘ProCamera’ app. It adds features such as photo preview and a timer. It also enables you to determine the number of shots camera will capture. This is one of the best Apple watch apps for the one loves mobile photography.

  1. Uber

One thing need to confess here that the version of Uber app on Apple watch is not as effective as iPhone version. On the other side, how convenient is that calling Uber a best taxi service using watch on wrist. It allows you to make a ride request. One of the best Apple watch apps for the frequent travelers.

  1. iTranslate

iTranslate removes the language barriers when travelling foreign countries wearing Apple Watch. iTranslate app will be translating anything spoken into it. You just need to tune the microphone on the language in which a message you want to be translating into. iTranslate app can translate large number of languages and almost all popular languages. As per user’s reviews, its translation is highly accurate.

  1. Instagram

Among the social media apps, Instagram works better than all and really efficient on Apple watch. Instagram shows square images which adjusts the screen perfectly. It also allows you like the images and view other profiles. Though, it lacks the feature which allows you upload images.


Best Apple Watch Apps
Best Apple Watch Apps
  1. Runtastic

Runtastic helps better managing your running performance. Its Apple Watch version allows runners to keep the track on previous runs and accordingly set the track before starts running. The watchOS2 also functions the app to display heart beat rate while running. One of the best Apple watch apps for the health conscious people and habitual runner.

  1. Google Maps

It’s a cross-platform app which enables the user get the data synchronized across all your devices. Its effectiveness is not much impressive on the Apple Watch, but still managing well in giving you directions. You just need to set the final destination on your device, now launch the same app on Watch and tap the preferred destination. It does not get vibrated when you need to make a turn.

  1. Just Press Record

It is an exclusive app developed for apple devices. This app enables you make recordings on instant basis and sync the file to the cloud. You can access it anytime later on your apple device. One of the best Apple Watch apps who needs voice recording on frequent basis.

  1. PCalc

You may not believe that there is no calculator app available by default on Apple Watch. We all need a calculator sometimes to make at least basic calculations. Fortunately, PCalc  app offers you a calculator having user-friendly interface with sleek design. One of the best Apple Watch apps for Mathematics students.

  1. Currency

This app is useful for the people who travels abroad on frequently basis or need foreign currency anyway. Currency app is especially designed to instantly convert the one currency into another currency ( As per user command ). It works perfectly accurate with all currencies such as US Dollars, Chinese Yuan, British Pounds, Euro and many more. User just needs to specify the currencies and app makes the conversion instantly. One of the best Apple Watch apps for the foreign travelers.

  1. Viki

Viki gives access to Wikipedia on Apple Watch. Wikepdia is perfect for reading articles convenient on the watch due to its support to low resolution. User can easily navigate the site for reading article. Viki app is also good at finding things existing near your location. One of the best Apple Watch apps for the readers.

  1. A Tiny Game of Pong

Apple Watch has a tiny screen which puts the limitations for game developers. ‘A Tiny Game of Pong’ is perfect to play on the watch, requires the player to move a puddle at the bottom of the screen to hit the pong upward. Game developers make it possible to develop a game for such a small screen which engages the user into the game with high interest level. One of the best Apple Watch apps for game lovers.

  1. Citymapper

No one wants to get lost during travelling and reaches the destination after hours of late. Drivers need something to get clear directions in order to reach the destination without get lost. Citymapper brings the solution and gives you direction to reach on time. It will also show the availability of any public transport near you. One of the best Apple Watch apps who travels for different destinations.

  1. Shazam

Shazam is an unbelievable technological advancement which makes you think how it works. Its Apple Watch version is really good at functioning accurately. You just have to flash your wrist on some music and the app brings the song title and its lyrics for you, shows it on the screen. This is one of the best Apple Watch for music lovers.

  1. Sleep++

Sleep++ is an app designed which tracks your movements during sleep and how much quality of sleep you had last night. To track your sleep on Apple Watch is more convenient than iPhone. You just need to launch and run the app before going sleep, shows you the result in the morning. The app is not a battery killer.

Here we present you the list of 20 Best Apple Watch Apps which you should go for. Once you have the Watch, all you need to be downloading worth experiencing apps and not depending upon defaulted apps. Apple Watch is just a hardware would be useless soon without high quality apps.

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