10 Best Drones Available Under $100 You Can Buy – Perfect For Beginners – Offers Stable Flight, Quality Camera and Normal Controlling Range


Drones technology have been too much popular within short span of time, more and more people wants to buy their first drone which should at least enough for basic functionalities. Mostly of them do not having much idea about the wide variety available of drones in market and rather get confused to choose the best one. Drones are available in all range from cheap to expensive one, being a beginner choosing expensive drones is not a wise decision unless any professional motive behind buying the drone technology. Here are the list of 8 best drones under $100.

  1. Parrot Mambo

Best drone you can get under $100 without any doubt. Parrot Mambo is fun-to-fly with firm control and smooth experience. Though, it’s not really a camera drone, or a racing drone. You will have lots of fun flying Parrot Mambo and feels like flying yourself. This drone also comes up with cannon, a grabber, and 50 cannon balls. Yes, it’s a true fact that this fun drone can also be used with a grabber or cannon which enhance the level of fun while drone flying.

Parrot Mambo Under $100
Parrot Mambo Under $100

It also features Autopilot function which enables user keep flying the drone without controlling himself with the Smartphone or remote control. Moreover, it is perfectly designed to reduce damages to the drone. It stops the motor in the event of crash which ensures the protection of rotor blades. When its battery 3.7V 550 mAh is fully charged, Parrot Mambo can fly for around 10 minutes. The listed price of Mambo is $119.99, but also available on Amazon at the price of $99.49 which is more affordable.

Parrot Mambo is one of the best drones available under $100 considering its flight time.

  1. Dromida Vista UAV

Dromida Vista UAV is the most performing drone available under $100 cost. You can only get the similar drones with the same level of performance at the cost of more than $200, this is best about UAV as fills the huge price and performance gap. It allows the smooth flight even to the beginners; the credit goes to 3 axis gyroscope and a 3 axis accelerometer. If you want to impress friends with extra-ordinary skills of drone flying, you can use “flip” button on the controller and nothing else need to do.

Dromida Vista UAV $100
Dromida Vista UAV $100

The remote controller of Dromida Vista UAV uses 2.4GHz signal to communication with drone anywhere within the range. Its remote controller uses Secure Link Technology, which ensures unbreakable and secure connection remains between remote and drone during the flight. This feature is really useful in the event when you and your friends all flying Dromida Vista UAV drone in close proximity, as it needs to ensure that connections remains unbreakable even in high interference. User can choose one of the four selectable flight modes before starts flying drone. These modes are Easy, Normal, Advanced and Experienced. Beginners should switch to easy mode and improve the skills over time. You can switch to next modes you better at flying a drone. It has a battery with the capacity of 850 mAh which is enough for 12 minutes of flight time. The battery gets fully charged after only thirty minutes. Dromida Vista UAV is one of the best performing drone can get under $100.

You can buy Dromida Vista UAV drone at the cost of $69.99.


The DBPOWER MJX X400W is a drone with great camera of 2 MP, can shoot the videos at 720p. X400W also supports Headless Mode, which unlike conventional drones, the flying direction of the drone is relative to the direction that the transmitter is pointing in. This is really a cool drone also comes up with a flip button option to have some great rolls and flips in the air which looks quite impressive. Unless your friends do not know about the button, they will remain quite impressive with your flying skills. Its battery capacity is enough to support 9 minutes flying, can recharged within 120 minutes.


This is such a powerful drone available under $100 price range, which also supports FPV, “First Person View”. It’s a feature that allows you using VR headset, to see through the drone’s camera. You just feel like flying in the air replacing drone which is an amazing experience. DBPOWER MJX X400W drone transmits the FPV footage at very low latency, which makes you experiencing the flight almost in real time, which is something great. DBPOWER MJX X400W is one of the best drones available under $100 price tag considering its FPV performance.

DBPOWER MJX X400W is available at the price of $79.99 on Amazon.

  1. Syma X5C-1

Syma X5C-1 is a perfect drone for high quality video shooting and learning how to fly drones. It is a drone which offers stable flight due to the support coming from 6 axis gyroscope and even beginners can fly it smoothly. Syma X5C-1 comes up with a 2MP camera, which shoots the videos at 720p and has a range of 30 metres. Syma X5C-1 has LED lights placed on its front, it helps the pilot in figuring out the front side of the drone, it also keeps the drone visible at night.

Syma X5C-1 $100
Syma X5C-1 $100

The remote control of Syma X5C-1 comes up with LCD display; you can be updated with the status of your drone, while drone is up in the air. You can see the battery status of the drone on LCD and accordingly land it down when it starts weakening. Since, Syma X5C-1 is designed for beginners having blade protectors, so you can “safely crash” the drone without damaging it. This is a perfect drone for beginners available at highly competitive price, $49.97 available on Amazon.

Syma X5C-1 is one of the best drones considering its LCD feature.

  1. UDI U818A-HD

UDI U818A-HD is another drone designed for beginners, comes up with a 2MP camera. It can shoot the videos at 720p resolution which is something amazing. As technology has advanced too much, 720p is not quite impressive but still it feels great when to watch your first aerial footage on this resolution. The videos can be saved on TF cards supported by UDI U818A-HD, using the FAT file system to do so. The maximum storage capacity of any card available for this drone is 32GB, which is more than enough. Another amazing feature is the support of Headless Mode. The remote control of UDI U818A-HD also comes up with LDC display, which shows all essential stats like battery status to keep you informed.

UDI U818A-HD $100
UDI U818A-HD $100

Its battery supports a total flight time of 6 to 9 minutes, battery fully charges within 120 minutes. You have to be buying couple of batteries for longer time shooting and aerial footage when going outside somewhere especially for enjoying drone flight. You can also adjust the drone speed either high or low, so you can fly at the speed comfortable to you. Its range is quite impressive as you can control the drone from 80 meters range. This is one of the best drones available for beginners, can get under $100.

You can buy UDI U818A-HD at the price of $54.80 on Amazon.

  1. Blade Inductrix

You may never be imagining flying drones inside your house, it would be a destruction of drone hitting the walls here and there. Blade Inductrix is such a drone allows you flying it inside. This tiny drone features Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) to make stable drone flight easy even for the beginner. It also comes up with highly durable construction which protects it from breaking apart even on the crash and hit with roof and walls. These blades are not opened and in fact covered in blade protectors, so it is less likely that drone’s blades are going to hurt someone in the around.

As far its battery is concerned, 3.7V, 150 mAh battery which can be fully charged within 30 minutes and then allows you flying drone for almost 6 minutes. It does not come up with Headless Mode which is unfortunate and requires you to keep a track of the orientation all the time. Once the hands are set on Blade Inductrix drone, you can also fly professional grade drones over the time if interested so. It enables the user switching on its LED lights to help you in figuring out the orientation of drone. Blade Inductrix is one of the best drone available under $100 price, considering its blade protectors.

You can buy Blade Inductrix at the price of $74.99 on Amazon.

  1. Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture is a drone you can get under $100 which spots a camera of 2 MP, records the video at 720p. A perfect choice of drone for beginners also available at cheaper cost. Its Headless Mode lets the beginner pilots enjoy the flight without being concerned of keeping a track of the orientation of drone. As the beginners, they can keep the check while flying. Its developers ensured the stable flight of X8C Venture by adding 6 axis gyroscope in order to have great control. The drone is also protected by blade protectors and can survive from damages during crash landing.

Syma X8C powered by 2000 mAh battery which takes around 200 minutes to be fully charged. Though, its battery allows you flying drone only for 7 minutes due to the size of the drone. The drone dimensions are 50cm by 50cm, and 19cm tall. Considering its size, not a small drone and consumes more battery. Syma X8C Venture is one of the best drones offers stable flight.

Syma X8C is available at the price of $62.88 on Amazon.

  1. Hubsan X4

The worth mentioning thing about Hubsan X4 is its usability, equally effective indoor and outdoor both. It spots 2MP shooter attached to the bottom, which allows perfect video shooting of landscape from the height. You can save all of your aerial footages on microSD card, but you will have to purchase it separately. This drone belongs to the brand very popular for manufacturing high quality drones, for beginners and professionals both. Hubsan X4 is one of the best drones available for beginners.

You can perform impressive moves on Hubsan X4 drone such as flips and rolls. This drone is capable of doing 360 rolls, looks amazing in the air. Your friends would never know how you doing it. Hubsan X4 has a battery installed of 830 mAh Li-polymer battery, enough for 7 minute flight. The battery can be fully recharged within 30 minutes. If you are not a good pilot and crashes most of the time, can separately purchase the blade protectors.

You can buy Hubsan X4 at the price of $35.65 on Amazon.

  1. TDR Robin 5.8G FPV Drone

TDR Robin 5.8G FPV Drone is small in size and can actually fit right in your palm. It comes up with 2MP shooter which can record the videos at 720p. Its remote control also has built-in-screen covered by sunshade from the top, so you can easily see the drone flight even in sunlight. It also features “Headless Mode”, which makes it perfect for beginners. You can also use its “Auto Return” function, as there is a button on the remote. It makes the drone come back via shortest path without losing it forever.

This drone enables you to perform aerial stunts and rolls up in the air, all you have to do is pushing a button. TDR Robin has powerful battery of 380 mAh, rated at 3.7V. It can keep the Robin flying for around 6 minutes and then it has to land down. Its battery can be fully recharged after 150 minutes, which is something not favorable factor for user.

The TDR Robin is available at the price of $99.99 on Amazon.

  1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

The Holy Stone HS170 can also fly inside home, featuring Headless Mode and a perfect choice for beginners. The drone features 6 axis gyroscope which allows stable flight and proper leveling of drone. It offers much more control over flight and not let the user manually operating it. HS170 Predator can be controlled within 30 to 50 meters.

Its battery power is 350 mAh which supports drone flight for 6 to 8 minutes, on a 60 minute charging time. You have to purchase extra batteries in order to fly drone for longer time.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator is available at the price of $45.99 on Amazon.

Buy These Cool Drones Under $100

All above mentioned cool drones are best of best for beginners, learn how to fly drones and then go for expensive ones later. Unless, you need drones for professional motives should go for Parrot drones, DJI Phantom Series, or the GoPro Karma. Otherwise, these drones are more than enough to make you learn about drone flying and its damaging would not hurt you a lot, financially. Before going for any drone, you need to make sure and also learn local laws regarding drone as it breaks the people’s privacy which is not acceptable at all.

You can also comment us below any amazing Drone which you can get under $100.

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