Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives Available On Android, IOS, Mac and Windows Platform – Easy to Create Notes on Smartphone / Tablet

Best Evernote Alternatives
Best Evernote Alternatives

We used to be writing personal diary especially when any special incident would be occurring in our lives. At that time, people used to be having lots of time and could easy manage writing down the diary mostly before going to sleep. In the digital age, we have several apps available which enable us to write something meaningful, inspirational ideas and about any memorable happening in our lives so that we can note our memorable moments through these apps. People have switched from physical diaries to virtual diary also known as note taking apps available on Android and IOS. Evernote is the most popular app in this category and millions of people already downloaded the app to make the notes and electronically record the life’s events. We have compiled a list of 10 Best Evernote Alternatives available which are also worth using on Smartphone and Tablets.

What are the Best Evernote Alternatives Available on Android and IOS

There are several other better alternatives available of Evernote, lets discuss them one by one in the following.

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Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best Evernote alternatives available to the user. It enables them capturing and recording information on any platform and not limited to certain devices. It’s a nice note taking app gives you an opportunity to keep the record of all precious information whether personal or work related. If you want Google Keep running on the Smartphone, can download the app from Play Store. The app is also available for the IOS users. It has various features available to improve your note taking experience and keep the user using this app forever.

One of the Best Evernote Alternatives available developed by Google.

Best Evernote Alternatives
Best Evernote Alternatives

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Main Features of Google Keep App

  • You can write notes and also insert images.
  • Text notes can be converted into checklists by the user.
  • You can also choose between the single or multiple view.
  • You can change the background color of notepad.
  • Google Keep is available on Android and IOS, both.
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is another popular app and considered as the serious alternative of Evernote app. It enables you to virtually record about anything whatever in your mind may be for the future reference. You can store all of your notes of any kind on one app, Microsoft OneNote. It is used as like digital space so that you can make lists, meeting notes, personal plans, set the work schedule, gym goals and many more. It is one app enough for organizing your personal and work life. Microsoft OneNote also enables you record own voice, capture the photos and save them automatically on it, these can be accessed anytime later. It’s a social media friendly app which also enables you sharing the data on Facebook with all of your contacts. This is a free downloading app and compatible with all devices such as MAC, PC, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone.

One of the Best Evernote Alternatives which also provides support on several platforms.

Best Evernote Alternatives
Best Evernote Alternatives

Main Features of Microsoft OneNote

  • You can create the checklists and also keep them updated.
  • All data stored on OneNote app can be synched across other devices.
  • App enables record the data of audio and video nature both.
  • Latest notes are easily accessible on OneNote app.
  • The data can be organized in tags and sections.
  • Create the notes using different formats such as bold, italic, indent and highlight.
Simple Note

Simple Note can be used for translating your thoughts and memories into words and stored here in digital space. It’s a worth using note taking app available on Android platform. You can recall your personal thoughts anytime later after weeks, months or may be years. The good thing about Simple Note app is its user friendly interface and fastest launch time. You do not have to be going through several formalities and rather only need to install, download and launch the app.

One of the Best Evernote Alternatives considering its simple user-interface.

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Best Evernote Alternatives
Best Evernote Alternatives

Main Features of Microsoft Simple Note

  • You can create checklists and notes, save them for future reference.
  • You can search the notes anytime later.
  • The app is available totally free of cost.
  • It has user-friendly interface.
  • It can also be used for organizing web articles, documents and photos.

Notezilla is also one of the most popular and best Evernote alternatives. It shows the support and compatibility on all devices. You cannot use it free and rather have to purchase it. Notezilla is a best choice for notes and reminders. You can use Notezilla on several platforms like Android, IOS, Windows and Mac. This note taking app also comes up with backup option, restore all your data when switch to other device.

One of the Best Evernote Alternatives available considering its ability of easily locate the data.

Key Features of Notezilla

  • You can use different colorful border lines.
  • Notezilla has user friendly interface which improves the note taking experience.
  • You can create notes and checklist, update them later.
  • It’s also a search friend app, can easily locate the data.
SOHO Notes

SOHO Notes is another worth using Note taking app, which can create and store notes in the form of text, images, voice recordings, videos, PDFs, forms and web clippings. User has wide variety of resources can be used for taking notes depends upon the requirements. You can access notes stored in SOHO Notes app from iPod, iPad or iPhone. It also has some other useful features such as Calender-based view of notes, user-friendly search engine, ability of organizing data in folders and name them, hyperlinks between notes, check box-based lists, label and tag system.

Key Features of SOHO Notes

  • It is available in two variants, first is Single User Pack can buy for $39.99. Second is Family User Pack available at the price of $69.99.
  • It is supported on Mac & IOS platforms.

Though, SOHO Notes is an expensive app and alternative of Evernote, but it features few useful tools and also provides the archiving solution for Macintosh.


Together provides a perfect solution for note taking, available for Mac users. It can be best described as a place to store your personal and work data in the form of text, images and videos. It can also save the web pages and bookmark the sites for future reference. Together app enables data sync on iCloud so that can be accessible from other IOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

Together is one of the Best Evernote Alternatives considering its feature of data sync on iCloud.

  • It is available at the price of $49.99.
  • It provides the support on platforms such as Mac, iPhone and iPod.
  • iPhone and iPod version of app is available at the price of $9.99.

Yojimbo is another alternate app of Evernote, can be running on Macintosh. Yojimbo app can be used for storing data in the form of text, images and videos. You can also set the password to access the personal data in order to prevent the unauthorized access. App also provides the tab based structure so that data can be categorized before storing it. Yojimbo also comes up with an amazing feature of Wi-Fi Networking-based synchronization so that data sharing is possible between Mac and IOS based devices.

  • You can buy Yojimbo at the price of $30 for individual, family package costs you $60.
  • It provides the support on Mac and IOS based devices.

Comparison to other alternatives of Evernote, Yojimbo offers fewer features but all are truly professional ones in order to provide the best note taking experience.


Nevernote is an official Linux version of Evernote, developed by Open Source community. They have made best efforts in developing Nevernote app which becomes the good alternative of its original. If you have already an account on Evernote and want to use Note taking app on Linux, you can use your Evernote account, login on its account and start using the decent amount of features available in Nevernote such as shared notebooks, color-code based notes and many more.

  • It is freely available, do not have to pay for it.
  • It provides the support on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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Circus Ponies Notebook

Its name defines everything, can be used for keeping notes, working projects, other details and overall important stuff whether personal or work related. Its interface is designed seems like real notebook which makes you love keep saving notes here. Note taking in texts may be boring and not appealing, and then should use stickers, keywords, highlighter and many more.

  • Circus Ponies Notebook is available at the price of $49.95 for single-user version, $99.95 for family pack.
  • It provides the support on Mac platform.

Circus Ponies Notebook is simple, comes up with all professional features and provides well-designed note-taking solutions for the users of Mac device.

Google Docs

Have you never considered Google Docs as a note-taking app, having big potential in this category as data can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. You can create notes on Google Docs and store them in Google Drive, it makes the data accessibility easy for the user. Its not just about text-based notes, also enables you creating presentations, spreadsheets and many more.

Best Evernote Alternatives
Best Evernote Alternatives
  • It is available totally free, no need to pay for it.
  • It provides the support on Web-based platform.

All Gmail users can get the best out of Google Docs.

 Conclusion on Best Evernote Alternatives

We have presented a list of Best Evernote Alternatives available in 2017 which all offers amazing note-taking features. The good thing about these apps as can record all of your thoughts comes instantly into the mind, no need to always carry physical notebooks which even not possible. Almost everybody carries Smartphone and only needs to install a right app for Note-taking.

You can also comment below and share any other app which we missed in the list of Best Evernote Alternatives.

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