Best File Manager for Managing the All Category of Data

file manager

All needs to download best file manager app for the smartphone to manage the large number of files efficiently in its storage. otherwise, the usage of smartphone for file

sharing, deleting, adding and pasting can be really frustrating. therefore, We have come up with best file managers apps in android which is definitely must downloading apps

in file manager category.

1.  ES File Explorer

It has really useful features available to faciliate the user in file management, one of the best file manager app in android available with largest number of downloading.

This app opens the explorer page so that user can copy, paste, delete or move the files from one folder to another. It also supports the Cloud Storage apps like DropBox and

Google Drive. It has been continuously increasing and improving its features to keep this file manager app relevant and updated. It is also available with other features

such as task killer and cache cleaner.


File manager App
Es file manager app

2.   Astro Cloud & File Manager

This is another android file manager app must considered to be one of the top apps in its category, which is offering file management functions for both local and cloud

storage. Its features also helps you sharing, deleting, copying and pasting the files saved in cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and many others.


file manager app
Astro file manager app

3.     File Commander

It has solid file management features available which needs to be purchased and otherwise basic features are available free of cost. File Commander app enables the user

accessing the variety of folders in which data is saved from the homescreen, rather go to the file manager app and click “open” on the files. Furthermore, a user can

also transfer the files from local storage to cloud storage or vice-versa using this file manager app in android.


file manager app
File commander

4.     Solid Explorer

It has a friendly user interface for copying or sharing the files. It gives you the two-pane interface so that you can drag the files from one window to another window

where you need to drop it. This two-pane windows is supporting the user for copying the files from one place to another. Secondly, this file manager app has a panel

which is used for searching the services of known cloud storage apps. Solid Explorer is such a file manager app in android which also manages the files in the format of

.ZIP, .TAR and .RAR.


file manager app
Solid explorer

5.     AntTek Explorer Ex

This is another file manager app rated among one of the top apps available in this category, it almost have same features like others file manager app. The new thing is

it supports the file streaming from the remote server such as watching the video files. Moreover, you can use it for managing your files saved in Dropbox, Google Drive,

SkyDrive and Yandex.


file manager app

6.     Total Commander

This is known file manager application on the desktop and large number of people must be familiar with it. When, a user has to copying the files from one folder to

another, they use the two-pane windows features for it. you can also download the useful plugins for this file manager app for sorting the files entering file name,

check the directory history and bookmarking plugin.


File manager app
Total commander