23 Best Chrome Extensions Improves the Internet Usage Experience – Chrome Extensions for Privacy Protection, Offline Reading, Block Ads, Password Protection and Many More

    Best Chrome Extensions
    Best Chrome Extensions

    Web browsers are now not limited to be functioning as a basic tool to visit the websites but they have become more than that. All web browsers are having their own certain strengths but Google Chrome is the most popular and first choice of people all over the world due to its multipurpose functioning and large variety of extensions. Google Chrome Extensions contributes into increasing the work productivity, enhancing the data security & privacy, improves the work efficiency and many more. We are going to share with you 35 best Chrome Extensions which probably you have not used yet.

    Best Chrome Extensions
    Best Chrome Extensions


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    Best Google Chrome Extensions 2016

    1. Adblock Plus

    Adblock Plus is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions which removes the all frustrating and irritating ads from everywhere of the webpage and provides the clean web surfing. Its plug-in is available totally free of cost and blocks various kinds of ads including pop-ups, Facebook ads, animated ads and many more. It’s also ensures the protection from malware which ruins the system efficiency. It is essential to inform you that Ad-block Plus does not completely removes the ads but an acceptable amount of ads at the appropriate position are still posted which do not spoil the web browsing experience. Ad-block Plus is an open-end extension which can be customized by the end user.

    1. uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions which blocks the all useless and irrelevant content coming from third party on your web browsing path. It helps you to get rid of continuous interruption and allows you to enjoy smooth web browsing. It is not exactly same to the Adblock-Plus but it gives option to integrate some lists which mentions the kind of ads need to be blocked. uBlock Origin is also well-design extension which consumes low level of CPU memory also good for user.

    1. Blur

    Blur provides the safe route for going through the cyber crime world without being hacked or virtual theft. Online frauds make the internet user compromise on personal information and engages in risky activities such as transfer of online payments. Blur is such a Google Chrome Extension which ensures your account password protection and manages fully secure online payments without any weak links. Its other notable features includes protect the account from non-cookie based tracking, do not let the companies track and collect your personal information, protects the passwords by full of its encryption and many more. This is the one extension but offers multiple features to enhance the security from privacy threats.

    1. Hola Better Internet

    Hola Better Internet is a best Chrome Extension which provides the free Virtual Private Network for the users who wants to hide their location (country/city) so that they can also browse those websites and channels restricted in their home country. Such websites are easily accessible as this extension changes your locations for the one where that site is easily accessible. It does not consume much internet speed so also not affecting the browsing experience. This is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions who were looking for VPN software.

    1. LastPass

    LastPass is a useful extension for users having huge number of accounts and managing those passwords. Once you install the LastPass extension in Google Chrome browser, user only needs to provide one Master password to be having access to all of his accounts. It means you do not have to keep remembering the all passwords but have to remember one Master password. LastPass extension is not limited to this single capability but also offers other functions such as enhance the data security and recommend changing the weaker passwords.

    1. WOT

    WOT is really helpful extension for users who wants to determine the trustworthiness of the visited website. When user visits the site, he needs to click on WOT button which shows complete information and details about site reputation which is derived its previous users comments and reviews based on their experiences. WOT communicates to the user about site trustworthiness through red and green color. Red color means site is not trustworthy and green color means it is trustworthy. WOT extension also gives you the option to add your own words and reviews about the site for the upcoming visitors. WOT scores are based on reviews given by the users from all over the world and it can really help you out with those sites you are totally unfamiliar with.

    1. Click&Clean

    Click&Clean is one of the best Chrome Extensions which ensures your privacy protection. It analyzes the user’s web browsing  activities to determine whether or not his data security is being compromised or visiting such sites which gains unauthorized access to your private data. Click&Clean makes it easy for you and places a button which needs to be clicked for automatic clear browsing history data on the close of Google Chrome browser. Click&Clean is the best choice of extension for active internet users who also needs to protect privacy.

    1. HTTPS Everywhere

    HTTPS is known for providing the security to confidential data of users and prevents the unauthorized access. E-Commerce websites have huge dependence on HTTP for secure transfer of online payments from customer side. This Google Chrome extension switched its users site to HTTPS which was totally unsecured earlier. HTTP extension protects you from online hacking which may cause the user having big financial loss as well as reputational loss. HTTPS is the ultimate choice for the site owners who wants security and privacy of the site especially from virtual criminals and hackers.

    Best Chrome Extensions for Online Readers

    1. Evernote Web Clipper

    Evernote is ideal Google Chrome extension for the one who are used to be saving content for offline reading or seeing. This extension allows you saving online articles, news, images and other variety of content for offline use when you do not have access to Internet or have free time. You keep saving the content and its keep adding into the Evernote inventory with easy access. It is also useful extension for users who reads a lot and likes collecting the best online articles.

    1. Readability

    Readability is a Google Chrome extension which makes it easy for the user to read the article or news without being distracted by the titles and headings of other content on the both side of webpage. It gives you two operations – “Read Now” and “Read Later”. The first option is Read Now presents the article by clearing the other part of website and only displays the content area in paragraphs. Read Later option will save the article for you to read later. This extension provides the full integration with the Facebook and Twitter in order to keep sharing the interesting articles.

    1. Save to Pocket

    This Google Chrome extension lets you save the articles and all other kinds of content for offline access. Its name is pocket because once you save it now can access it anytime like it is in your pocket now. It is again the best extension for who likes reading variety of articles and save all favorite topic articles to read in the free time even without Internet.

    Best Chrome Extensions Uses for Integration with Google Services

    1. Google Calendar

    Google Calendar extension is actually a toolbar button which enables user to add the events for the reminder. You can add the event details and set the time at which you need to be reminded so you take the required actions accordingly. You can also use the option to view all those events you added to the calendar.

    1. Google Dictionary

    When a user is visiting the site in which content is available not in his first language and he is also not good at it. Google Dictionary is the best companion which provides its support in various languages and easy to use. User needs to double click on the word to see its meaning in required own language. Google Dictionary also provides the meaning of the jargon / slang words which also uses in the articles. This is one of the best Chrome extensions for reading the articles in the other than mother language.

    1. Google Scholar Button

    Google Scholar searches the journals and scholarly articles for the users mostly used in the researches. This extension needs to be installed which allows the user only write the text for search and click on Google Scholar button in order to have relevant webpages. In the absence of this extension, user has to open a new tab and type “Google Scholar”, then it shows the new search engine only developed for searching Journals and Scholarly articles. This is very time consuming but this extensions make it easy for you. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions available for this purpose.

    1. Google Input Tools

    Google Input Tools is a Google Chrome extension used by people who needs to type in language other than English. This is the best tool available which can let the user type into huge number of languages whichever they want. Usually bloggers uses this extension to maintain the blog in their own mother language might be French, German, Arabic and others. There are three methods available to type such as handwriting mode, in-script and transliteration.

    1. Boomerang for Gmail

    This is a Google Chrome extension used for email scheduling. It integrates to the Gmail account so that you can schedule the messages for sending on time and then track its status. Its Email schedule is an amazing feature which lets you write the draft of email first and then automatically send it at the given time automatically even you are offline. It other feature also allows the user to postpone the emails to be received on inbox, because you only want to receive them when you are free and can put more focus on those emails. Otherwise, important emails can go out of sight on second page when new emails place on first page. This is one of the best Chrome extensions for one who frequently uses Gmail account for important official emails which are not all urgent.

    Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity  

    1. Pushbullet

    Pushbullet is a Chrome extension which brings your Android Smartphone to the desktop so that you can manage its various sections from here. One who installs the Pushbullet extension can see the messages and photos saved on Android Smartphone here on Chrome browser. He can also play the songs on browser also saved on his Android device. There are also lots of other things can be happening just as sending the links from browser to your device and also get notification on Chrome when link is received there. In order to have the compatibility and cross-functionality between desktop and Android device, you also have to install the Pushbullet app on Smartphone.

    1. Awesome Screenshot

    Awesome Screenshot is a Google Chrome Extension offers the screen capturing solution. It lets you easily taking the screen shots and its editing features enables the user adding effects on Screenshots images such as make it blur, enhance the brightness and add the annotations. You can also upload the screenshot images on social media platforms like Facebook. It is also now working with Google Drive as well. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions for students.

    1. Chrome Remote Desktop

    Have you ever imagined using your Smartphone so that you can control the PC. This is such a productive Chrome extension which can help you out in several circumstances. First of all, you need to install its extension on Chrome and Remote Desktop app on Android Smartphone. Once both installation is done, now its time controlling the PC through Android device. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions for people who are associated with I.T. Profession.

    1. Stay Focused

    Facebook and other social media platforms are highly addictive and major obstacle in productive day at work. Stay Focused is a Google Chrome extension which lets you set the maximum time limit on each addictive site to spend on throughout the day. Once the limit is over and now you cannot open the same site again so that you put more focus on work and ensure to meet the daily work targets. This is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions to stay focus on work because these addictive sites are really affecting the work productivity.

    1. I’m a Gentleman

    I’m a Gentleman is a Google Chrome extension for people who downloads large number of images due to nature of work or personal reason. This extension can save lots of time for you by using a short key for downloading the image. You need to hold “Alt” button and click on that image, It will be automatically downloaded on your PC. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions used by extreme users of Photoshop.

    1. AutoPagerize

    You know that Google shows the search results in several pages and sometimes more than ten. Therefore, It needs to manually click on next page to see the other results relevant to your typed keywords. AutoPagerize is the Google Chrome extension which automatically shows the next page when you reach at the bottom part of current page. It saves the user hassle and efforts though it’s just a click.

    1. Hover Zoom

    Hover Zoom is one of the best Chrome extensions designed with a point of view to enhance the user’s productivity. It enables the user seeing the full size image when hovers on its smaller version. This extension is really useful when you are browsing the several images at a time and need to pick best of them. It also gives the option to resize the image if it does not match the window size.

    I will be updating the article with more Google Chrome Extensions which are worthy enough install and use them.