Best IOS Gaming Applications in 2016

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Here, we will be sharing some latest amazing gaming application available on the iPhone in the following.

Love You to Bits

IOS gaming app
Love You To Bits App Store ( IOS Gaming App )

It is a puzzle based game in which a main game character is a tiny human who explores the spaces and all around the world to find the pieces of his robot girl friend whose pieces are scattered in different parts of the world. It is a Sci-Fi game which involves interesting story as well to keep the player engaged. You must try this new gaming application released in 2016.

Circa Infinity

IOS Gaming App
Circa Infinity ( IOS Gaming App )

I advise you that do not judge the game on the basis of its screenshots available on the store. It is a puzzle game which extremely challenges your mind and need your continuous attention, it might be boring in the long run. This gaming application can be even frustrating for the ambitious gamer when they are not able to meet the challenge.

Clash Royale

IOS Gaming App
Clash Royale ( IOS Gaming App )

It is one of the amazing gaming application available and released by the same developing company which developed “Clash of Clans”. You need to collect the cards to upgrade the troops, defenses and spells. You need to win this game when you knock out the king and princesses of the enemy. It is another addicting game and successfully release after COC.

Assassin Creed Identity  

( IOS Gaming App )
Assassin Creed Identity ( IOS Gaming App )

It is a great game especially for the people who loves playing Assassin Creed on the gaming console and have emotional attachment with it. You do not need to serious consider the reviews of people who gave one star and left the bad comments about this game. It is “In-App Purchases” game and you would not regret paying for this gaming application because It provides you the excellent gaming exposure on iPhone. Since, it is a high resolution game and user must have iPhone 5 and over.