Best iPhone Tweaks for the 2016


All iPhone users are interested in knowing releases of new iPhone Tweak, these are apps which not allowed to be available at App Store and people can download it from other sources. Here, we are going to discuss few best iPhone tweak released which are definitely worth buying and downloading.

This tweak is good for the people who get annoys with the long list of notifications on their iPhone display. It is frustrating when you have to wipe out those notifications which you are not interested in and it takes time. You must install this iPhone tweak which makes a lock screen clear from all notifications once for all. You just need to pay for this tweak only 0.99$.
iPhone tweak
Clean Lock ( iPhone tweak )
It may be called the latest version of File Manager in which a user can access its file on iPhone with latest features offers more convenient. I would recommend this iPhone tweak to those who have already jail broken their iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, you need to stay with your current file manager installed on your smartphone.
iPhone tweak
iFile ( iPhone tweak )
This app is similar to the AirDrop app but few differences can be identified. This iPhone Tweak is good for the purpose to upload the files on the server and access it from anywhere else. It has limitation that only certain types of files can be uploaded from IOS through this AnyDrop tweak.
iPhone tweak
Any Drop ( iPhone tweak )
We all want to get rid of these ads on the browser which spoils the browsing experience. Once you download this iPhone tweak, it will block all ads on the Safari browser and you can enjoy the browsing without any disturbance. It is only available at $2.19 which is nothing in consideration of using internet without any annoying ads.
iPhone tweak
Ad blocker ( iPhone tweaks )
AirBlue Sharing 7
This amazing tweak enables you what could not imagine by the iPhone users. You can share the files on your iPhone to other devices like Android or Windows smartphone. It is never possible sharing files from iPhone to other than Apple devices without using this iPhone tweak. Therefore, it has higher cost to pay which is $4.99 only.
iPhone tweak
Airblue Sharing ( iPhone tweaks )
This iPhone tweak removes your all unnecessary files from the storage and you are only left with frequently using apps and files. It also removes the cache with higher efficiency which increases your iPhone speed. It can be differentiated from other Cleaner apps on the basis of its higher efficiency.
iPhone tweak
iCleaner ( iPhone tweaks )


This iPhone tweak is designed to increase the security of your device and prevent the unauthorized access. When you download and install this tweak on your iPhone, you need to set a secret gesture to Bypass the code and unlock the phone. This tweak is enjoying higher number of downloading and good thing is available for free. 
iPhone tweak
Bypass ( iPhone tweaks )