Best Laptop Brands 2016

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Choose the best laptop brand / model is one of critical decision because this decision will affect you for long time because we do not changes the laptop every month. Therefore, extensive amount of research is necessary before buying the appropriate laptop for yourself. Each and every laptop model has different features and specifications, different laptop brands are good at different specifications and techniques. We will be discussing all best laptop brands in the following.
Apple’s laptops are known for its high quality hardware which supports the extremely heavy software in its operating system. Apple’s laptops are not having Windows operating system but it is recently installed with “Snow Leapard” operating system which has different user interface from windows. Apple’s laptops are supposed to be high performing in terms of battery life, processor life and overall hardware efficiency. Apple’s laptops are also supposed to be more reliable than any other laptop brand in terms of its life.  
best laptop brands
Apple ( one of the best laptop brands )
The best thing about Dell laptops is its availability in all price ranges. You can buy the dell laptop in any range available. Moreover, the customer support of Dell’s laptops are best among all other companies and buyers always need customer support while installing new software or overall dealing with it. You can find the best Dell laptops in cheapest ranges, though they have also designed expensive high tech laptops as well.
best laptop brands
Dell ( one of the best laptop brands )
Hewlett-Packard’s laptops are known for vibrant screen and high resolution which shows the clear picture. Its laptops have resilient design which makes them resistant to be broken down even when they accidently falls down on the floor. In my observation, I have mostly seen the professionals using HP’s laptops due to its vibrant screen and resilient design feature.
best laptop brands
HP ( one of the best laptop brands )
You can find the higher specifications laptops of ASUS brand at the cheaper cost as compared to the other brands of laptops. The reason is ASUS still in the way of establishing its brand name in the market. ASUS laptops are reliable and having excellent hardware, but people still do not find comfortable buying ASUS laptops when they can afford laptops of expensive brands.
best laptop brands
ASUS ( one of the best laptop brands )
Toshiba laptops are known for its stronger and long lasting battery life, majority people expects their laptop to be having long life battery and this is a reason laptops are preferred over desktop system. Moreover, majority of excellent gaming laptops are of the Toshiba brand. Therefore if you are looking for gaming laptop must take a look at all Toshiba models.
best laptop brands
Toshiba ( one of the best laptop brands )