Best Music Apps on Android Platform

Listening to music has never been as easy as now days with the availability of any song in mind on the smartphone apps. Those days are long gone when you have to buy the cassettes or Cd’s of the favorite album, singer or a cassette with top ten songs. There are wonderful music apps available on the Android platform which gives you instant access to your favorite songs. Here, we are going to share the best music apps available for android music lovers.
Google Play Music
It is chosen as one of the best music app available which is Pre-installed on the Android smartphone. It is available totally free and you can download your favorite soundtracks through this music app. It has user-friendly and classic interface which enables the user to search the desired soundtrack without any difficulty. This app has database over 50,000 songs, its users can also find the podcasts but limited because mostly podcasts needs to be subscribed. It has great artificial intelligence through which this app recommends you the songs you are mostly likely to like. It matches the genres of the songs you most frequently listens and accordingly recommend you similar other soundtracks. These features makes Google Play one of the best music app.
best music app
Google play ( best music app )
You can download the SoundCloud music app on your Android smartphone for listening to music online free of cost. Though, it’s save and listen music offline feature also enables you listening offline without connecting to internet. You have to pay to buy this music app, otherwise free version is having annoyed advertisement. It is also social media friendly app through which you can share your favorite tracks on your official social media page. This music also enables you uploading your own songs on its database and check the feedback from other listeners. Again, these unique features makes it one of the best music app.
best music app
SoundCloud ( best music app )
Amazon MP3   
This app is primarily known for its huge database of songs in MP3 format. It introduces its Cloud Player on the Android platform. You can buy any song from the Amazon music database, it will be available on its Cloud Player. The Amazon player needs the strong internet connectivity and you must be having good connection to stream the music on Amazon Cloud Player.
best music app
Amazon mp3 ( best music app )
It has the simplest user interface embedded great features. A user can sync the current soundtrack to his smartphone as well as download it. Its desktop version is also available for downloading the music on your desktop storage. The android version of Winamp music app has customized equalizer which can be controlled as per the own setting and set it as a defaulted. This music app is also having lock screen feature which enables the user changing the song without unlocking smartphone. Therefore, this is one of the best music app.
best music app
Winamp ( best music app )