Best Operating System For Gaming Purposes and Overall Support – Efficient OS Contributes into Hardware Acceleration

best operating system
best operating system

Laptops sales have been declined after the arrival of powerful handheld devices like Smartphone, Phablets and Tablets. Gaming has also shifted from laptops to these devices when people find less dedicated time for gaming and go for casual gaming on Smartphone. However, there are still gaming enthusiasts looking for heavy-duty laptops for core gaming. As a result, laptop manufacturing companies have been building laptops with high-end specs keeping the latest gaming requirements in mind. These companies are known for building powerful gaming laptops such as Dell, HP, Asus and many more.

Apart from having a gaming laptop installed with advanced hardware, no one can deny the importance of powerful operating system which contributes into hardware acceleration and enhances the efficiency of gaming laptop. It has stronger influence over the gaming experience because it also becomes the source of power.

We bring to you the best operating system available for gaming on PC / Laptops which improves the overall gaming experience for the user. The list is presented in an order of best to worst.

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Windows 10

The best thing about Windows 10 is its optimization and user-friendly features for playing games smoothly. It’s newly introduced features that are focused on the Xbox app and games bar. It also enables you to enjoy the unified experience of gaming between Xbox One console and PC games. Windows 10 also makes it possible streaming games from console to PC. It is also featuring DirectX 12, a popular and efficient platform used for powering games.

Windows 10 is not limited to features available at present, but it also regularly updates the new features which enhances the efficiency of operating system and run the games smoothly. Its regular updates keep the Windows 10 best operating system for games on continuous basis. All gaming laptops are going to be available with Windows 10 in future unless a new and better operating system launched by Microsoft.

Windows 10 stands at first position in the list of best operating system for Gaming.

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Windows 7  

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system not within Microsoft but overall also including Linux and Mac. Its rock solid and quick performance lets the user loyal with it and not switching to any other OS. The availability of latest version of DirectX software on Windows 7 also attracts the gamer users whose point of purchase is depended upon features ensures optimization and efficiency for smooth gameplay. It comes up with customization features which allow the user to set the settings which best suits the user requirements and also ensures optimized performance. It makes available all updates which performs hardware acceleration for the latest hardware launched.

After the release of Windows 10, it has lost its dominance though but still a primary for large audience. There are still millions of people using Windows 7 on gaming laptops and desktops. By the end of 2020, Microsoft will no longer be providing the support for Windows 7, till then you have to be upgrading on Windows 10.

Windows 7 stands at second position in the list of best operating system for Gaming.

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Windows 8

Windows 8 failed to get the same recognition and popularity as other version of Windows such as 7 and 10. Since Windows 8 is not enriched with resources like its other counterparts, it helps in faster loading and also performs better than Windows 7. Its Interface is not quite impressive and even large number of people does not like it at all, still good at running games. Windows 8 is also expected to be enjoying the continuous support from its official developers which means game developers are still going to develop games compatible with Windows 8. This Operating System will be your perfect choice in case you do not want to be upgraded on Windows 10 but having the right hardware on gaming laptop. Then, Windows 8 will be perfectly running all latest games on the system.

Windows 8 stands at third position in the list of best operating system for Gaming.


Macs used to be a bad choice for gaming but not anymore. Since, Mac started using the intel processors similar to Windows PCs, It has also become an efficient platform for Gamers. The Mac machine now comes up with moderate graphic cards and lots of memory. macOS is a well-efficient operating system, though not many games are compatible on it. Games releases on Windows and Mac not at the same time, games releases on Mac platform several months / years after they launched on Windows. If you want to play all latest games at its early time, then you should go for Windows OS.

macOS stands at fourth position in the list of best operating system for Gaming.


By far, Linux has recognized as the worst operating system for playing games on it. Game developers do not develop all popular games also supporting Linux. Steam is the only viable and best option for enjoying games on this platform and otherwise its user left with no other gaming option. People claim the availability of such software which can run Windows games on Linux but cannot confirm. Linux is more known for its security and less for gaming.

Linux stands at last position in the list of best operating system for Gaming.

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