Best Team Viewer Software Features Desktop Sharing and Remote Control Access

Best Team Viewer Software
Best Team Viewer Software

Team Viewer Software is mostly used among the team members who remotely located from each other and uses it for sharing the progress of own part of work and explain something special like how to make it happen. Team Viewer software is really useful when you cannot help the team member for accessing any file using his desktop who sitting next to you but sharing the virtual screen makes it possible. Desktop sharing programs are included one of the popular software categories and supporting the flexibility of employees working in remote areas.

We will be sharing with you Top 5 Best Team Viewer Software for using in the year 2016.

Best Team Viewer Software

This is one of the best team viewer software which does not even require the users to be installing it on desktop and rather a link needs to be clicked for sharing desktop. On the receiver side, he needs to open the link and nothing else. All participants can control the mouse input for giving command on the desktop of other participant, allows them sending mouse control request for it. User only needs to download this team viewer software on desktop to access the request the feature of presenter and also request for annotation. This software also enables users sharing files and presenter can also pause and resume the session in the middle.

Best Team Viewer Software
Best Team Viewer Software


This is Team Viewer software for desktop sharing but mainly known for its feature which allows participants to access media files from the other member desktop along with small troubleshooting. Splashtop is available in both free and paid versions. Free version is having enough features for the individuals but business organizations must be purchasing its paid version. This team viewer software is available on Windows and Mac. Splashtop is one of the best team viewer software for the efficient team management.


Mikogo is the team viewer software with lots of other features including recording of sessions, presenters can switch on each other, whiteboard, cross-platform support and video conferencing. Receiver do not need to be installing the Mikogo on his desktop but he will receive the instructions and links through the email, link directs you to the portable version of Mikogo where you need to login for screen sharing session. The only condition must be having an account in order to start the session. This is best team viewer software with various features.

Best Team Viewer Software
Best Team Viewer Software


AnyDesk is super compact team viewer and desktop sharing software with the certain login requirements. First of all, users need to be downloading its portable file and run on the system. Other user will be required to enter the AnyDesk through inserting the PC’s ID of first user who then receives a request to be connected with him. Its specific login requirements make it super compact which ultimately improves its desktop sharing speed. This is the best team viewer software in terms of its security is concerned.


Real VNC

Its setup process is complicated comparing to the rest of four best Team Viewer Softwares discussed above but it ensures the secure connection. Real VNC is desktop sharing Software which is built on VNC framework known for its highly encrypted coding allows unbreakable security. It features include file transfer, remote control files access and chat. Real VNC is available in both paid and free version.

You can choose any one of the five best team viewer software as per the requirements. We will also be sharing other top Software in the same category and you need to keep updated with us.