Top 7 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use on Android and IOS Devices – Features Voice & Video Calls, File Sharing, Emojis, Stickers and Security

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app owned by social networking giant Facebook. Its developers have been consistently engaged in bringing new updates out and keep the WhatsApp a popular messenger relevant in the highly competitive environment. At the same time, It has compromised on user’s privacy as Messenger apps shares its users data with Facebook, a parent company. Huge number of people raised their voices at that time against the initiative of sharing the personal information for the business motive. If you are someone who now also wants to determine the alternatives of WhatsApp Messenger, this post is relevant for you. Here is a list of 7 best WhatsApp Alternative Apps you can use.

  1. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is the toughest competitor of the WhatsApp offers amazing and useful features. It’s an open-source messaging app which enables the user to make lots of customization, though it already packs in lots of cool features. Along with the common messaging features user may find in both apps, Telegram also offers unusual features like Super Groups of up to 5,000 people, file sharing of maximum 1.5GB size, public channels, usernames, passcode lock, self-destructing messages and fully encrypted chat messages. This messenger also features Telegram Bots in order to enhance the overall experience. These bots provides you updated information available for using several purposes; gaming bots lets you play the games inside the Telegram messaging app.

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WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Unlikely on WhatsApp, Telegram can be used on multiple platforms at a time, use its messaging services on the Smartphone and continue it on your PC. Though, Telegram lacks useful features like voice and video calls, users on WhatsApp makes the great use of these both features. As per my opinion, if you do not care about calling features, it would nothing be wrong choosing Telegram over WhatsApp.

Telegram is one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps available seriously threatening to its dominance.

  1. Wire

Wire is quite new in messaging apps industry and already started enjoying the popularity by attracting people on its beautiful interface. It is also enriched with amazing and cool features which makes user give it a try and stay longer on Wire app comparing to other useless apps. It’s an open-source app brings end-to-end encryption and ensures the personal data security. It can also be used on multiple platforms at once.

WhatsApp Alternative AppsWhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Its cool features include group video calls (up to 10 people), ability to delete own messages from recipient’s profile, self-destructing messages, link previews and many more. Considering its video call features and other voice-calling features, It is more similar messaging app to WhatsApp, thus being emerged as the best alternative of WhatsApp.

Wire enjoys the appropriate level of popularity as one of the WhatsApp alternative apps.

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  1. Google Allo

Allo is a messaging app developed by Google and all people loyal with the brand ensures downloading the app and at least give it a try. The goodwill of Google brand makes it a viable WhatsApp alternative, though people also love its brilliant Google Assistant. In the Allo messaging app, Google Assistant assists you for acquiring the information on weather, nearby places, news, flights and many more of user interest. Google Allo can also be used to set alarm, navigation purposes, set the reminders, play games and many more. It is also about Smart Replies and Incognito Chats, both features comes up with end-to-end encryption. On the other hand, its stickers are really amazing to express the emotions in a cool way.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Good features are there in Allo without any doubt, its number of drawbacks are also certain. Allo lacks of one most useful feature a messaging app must be having which is its ability to backup chats. Its really shameful for an Allo app backed by Google, WhatsApp offers backup chat feature where all data is backed up on Google Drive. It also lacks of other useful features like voice or video calls, file sharing ability and last seen. If you do not find these lacking features useful for you, Google Allo is definitely a perfect replacement of WhatsApp.

Google Allo enjoys strong recommendation to be considered as one of the WhatsApp alternative apps available.

  1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is an owned by a company which developed end-to-end encryption technology for most popular platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger. You can imagine the level of security would be ensured in SPM for own app. Its an open-source app and unlikely to WhatsApp, offers screen security (no one can take screenshots), self-destructing messages and many more. The all data in any form whether voice calls or texting offers fully encrypted backup and prevents the unauthorized access.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Its other features include file sharing, SMS support but lacks of video calling and cross-platform support. Overall, It’s a perfect messaging app for the one looking for simple messaging app. Signal Private Messenger is also considered as one of the best WhatsApp alternatives apps.

  1. Viber

Viber is the most under-rated messaging app which already lost its popularity which really stands toe-to-toe with WhatsApp considering its features. Viber strictly ensures the data security and provides end-to-end encryption in shared media, calls and messages. Viber offers data encryption in multi-device support means messages saved in multiple devices are also secured and saved from unauthorized access, this feature is lacked in WhatsApp. Viber also lets you make voice and video calls to the others also on WhatsApp, but it also lets you make international calls to non-Viber users at nominal rates, a feature again lacked by WhatsApp.

Viber is one of the most promising WhatsApp alternative apps available so far.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Specific to its messaging features, it offers support for file sharing, backup to Google Drive, last seen, beautiful & variety of stickers, voice & video messages. User can also access to its sticker store and Viber games for spending fun time inside the Viber app.

You may find that there are lots of similarities between WhatsApp and Viber, actually it also packs some more features which WhatsApp lacks.

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  1. Threema

If you put the data security at first priority while choosing the messaging app, Threema should be your first choice after knowing WhatsApp compromised on the same. The app is designed in a way fully ensures security of messages, voice shared media and status updates. It does not compromise on data security like WhatsApp, though lacks of voice & video calling. Company has transparent privacy policy and claims to be such a messaging app which promises no leaks of your personal data.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Threema App also offers web based messenger similar to WhatsApp Web. One of its amazing features is the ability to create a poll in groups and ability to agree/disagree to a message. User has to pay for Threema App; no one would mind paying for such a simple but full of secure messaging app.

Threema is one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps considering its end-to-end encryption.

  1. LINE

LINE is another popular alternative of WhatsApp that comes up with ton of features. It supports both voice and video calls as well as messages while ensures end-to-end data encryption. It brings some unique features when comparing to WhatsApp. LINE app also lets you make international calls to non-LINE users. It also makes the user available with large variety of stickers, a cook Keep feature (enables user saving favorite messages and photos) and many more. It also shows you the timeline in the app similar to Facebook for checking up any status updates from your friends side.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps
WhatsApp Alternative Apps

It’s other worth mentioning features include filter messages, beautiful themes, passcode lock and many more. It is enriched with useful features which makes it popular and enjoyed the fastest growth of joined users. LINE is the most popular app to be listed as one of the best WhatsApp alternative apps.

Final Words About WhatsApp Alternative Apps

There are several other messaging apps available other than aforementioned, such as Hike, imo and Facebook Messenger but none of them is the replacement of WhatsApp. Choice of messaging app is also depended upon whether your friends are also on the same platform or not, no one would like using messaging app not installed by his friends or relatives. A perfect alternative of WhatsApp app must be featuring voice & video calls, variety of emojis, stickers, file sharing ability, beautiful themes and last but not least end-to-end encryption.

You can comment us below about do you agree on above listed WhatsApp alternative apps.