Best Torrent Sites For 2017 – Download Movies, TV Shows and Software

Best Torrent Sites
Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

Torrents have become the number one source of downloading Movies, Games, Software and Music from the internet. It does not cost the users downloading the files which otherwise are not free. People all over the world uses torrents to have a free access on the millions of files available for free downloading. As an estimate, millions of GB of data is uploaded and downloaded every day on these torrent sites. Torrents are not enjoying legal status but still the effective way of transferring large size of files over the Internet using P2P protocols. It is still not called as piracy but the transferring of data on torrent sites is illegal because of torrenting Act. In the recent days, concerned authority successfully held the strong check on these torrent sites and the owner of kickass torrents also arrested. The recent ban on popular torrent sites made people searching other similar sites with large database and collection. Since, there is a huge demand of torrent sites and several people only knows one or  two torrent sites, we decided to share all of the best sources from where torrents are available to download.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that does not encourage the users to download the data from torrent sites. Your actions are based upon your own judgment and discretion. Usage of Torrents is illegal and we do not take any responsibility for someone.

What is a Torrent?

It is hardly possible if someone does not know about Torrent and neither have heard about it. Anyways, let me explain the word “Torrent” to whom have no idea about it. Torrent is a file which tries to establish a connection to the tracker to receive a list of peers that helps in transferring the data to your system. A torrent player is also available as a file sharing medium that lets the user upload or download the data on its server shared among all of its users. There are several Torrent Clients available in order to download/upload files such as BitSpirit, BitTorrent, Deluge and uTorrent. TCP is a popular and highly efficient primary data transport protocol used by BitTorrent client. When the users visit its torrent site for uploading and downloading the date, client torrent site uses the TCP Port which allows the data traffic via P2P trackers.

Best Torrent Sites 2017

We share top 10 Best Torrent Sites for our visitors who also frequently use the torrent for downloading files. All of these torrent sites come up with huge collection of movies, games, software and many more. You are most likely to find all of your favorite and required content here. Let’s start discussing about what makes them one of the best torrent sites.

  1. is a popular platform for downloading torrents and also known as Yify Torrents. It only uploads the verified files not affected with virus and lets you download your favorite content. It has one brilliant feature which offers the movies torrent in multiple video quality standards; you can download movies with 720p and 1080p quality. Other than video quality, you can also download 3D movies as well. You can get registered anytime on the site and enjoy the access to its premium quality movies. is enjoying the good reputation, popularity and considered as one of the best torrent sites.

  1. is a popular torrent site known for its reliability and virus free torrents. The site got banned for a short time period because of the Torrent Act, but soon it resume the site operations and now available to all torrent lovers in order to become a source of entertainment. The site was already considered as a secure platform for torrents, but now has moved to most reliable servers. It is joined by the global community who uploads large variety of data on the site on daily basis. The torrents of all recently launched games, movies and software will be available and do not have to wait for it.

  1. is another good source of Torrent Downloads. They receive the millions of user’s traffic on monthly basis who shows trust on the site. Torrents are available in wide variety and cover the all type of content. It features advanced search mechanism which helps you finding what looking for and want to download on the PC. shows the list of all new releases and trending downloads which also helps you decide whether or not should go for one of this latest content available. Mostly users also follow the trend and download any torrent they like being showed in the list of Trending Downloads. It is a reliable torrent site and does not upload any scam file to get the access into the user system. is one of the best torrent sites people trust on.

  1. Monova.Org

If you also like simple UI on the torrent sites to avoid any difficulty in the search for required torrent, Monova.Org is your best choice. It has simplest layout which leads it to become highly search optimized site. Its search engine is really faster and effective as per the keywords you enter. It brings the results out of its huge database collection within no time. You can upload the data on Monova.Org site after get registered on it. The site is popular for its free torrent availability and security. Monova.Org is the best torrent site considering its friendly UI.

  1. Yourbittorrent.Com

Yourbittorrent.Com is designed technically in a way to provide you reliable and secure torrent downloading experience. It offers large variety of content from movies to documentaries, games to books and software to anime, everything you can find here. This site also recommends you the latest trends in every genre, which lets you specifically, downloads only quality content. You can also easily upload the torrents on, comparatively easy to other torrent sites. This site is more compatible with Utorrent BitTorrent client; you will enjoy better peer connections which lead to higher downloading speed. It is one of the best torrent sites which light in weight and allows fast optimization.

  1. FullDLS / PearlTrees

It has been uploaded by more than 2.5 millions of torrents and considered as secure platform to download torrents. It covers the almost all genres and gets best search results for its users. This site dependence too much on ads revenues which is quite frustrating sometimes and overall search performance goes down. Otherwise, It is highly recommendable and one of the best torrent sites to download favorite content.

  1. LimeTorrents

Its user friendly interface and sleek front end really improves the torrent downloading experience. The site gets uploaded by thousands of new torrents on daily basis covering all genres from movies to music. It has set a criteria in accordance with only accepts uploaded files with quality of seeds, legitimate files and proven content. It is the best torrent site to find the file having high number of seeds. Large number of people considers LimeTorrents as the best alternative of Kickass torrents and started using it after Kickass went down. LimeTorrents is a site which only offers high quality downloads. You should try the site for next torrent downloading and surely get the higher satisfaction level. It is one of the best torrent sites for enjoying the higher downloading speed.

  1. BitSnoop.Com

BitSnoop.Com is popular for having one of the largest databases any torrent the site indexes more than 18 million files in the form of torrent to download. is included in the list of oldest and reliable torrent sites; people have showed its trust over the site for several years. It brings the torrent searches for you which also contain the reviews, comments and rating in the side. Reviews definitely help you in make the right judgment whether or not download the torrent. Its users consider as the best torrent site which also shares the comments and reviews below the torrent file. People also like as mostly all files are available with high number of seeds and peer connection. You can enjoy the faster downloading speed at this torrent site.

  1. Zoogle

Zoogle has recently started Torrent Site which contains more than 1.5 million verified torrents and thousands of new torrents upload on the site every single day. In the specific, Zoogle offers over 30 thousand Movie titles, 1265 TV shows which take 2.5PB of Data. The site has got thousands of working trackers supporting eight million scrapes. Zoogle site is really good at categorizing the content and its presentation in order to eliminate the confusion from user side. Zoogle is the emerging torrent site and soon takes place at the top three torrent sites. Zoogle is really one of the best torrent sites which offers great collection of movies and TV shows.

  1. is mainly known for the availability of movies and music torrents in English and Spanish languages. One of its fantastic features is combines the all searches from other popular torrent sites and show them in the results to let you decide which torrent file should you go for. To avoid you any suffering from illegal claims, it encourages you using VPN for torrent downloading. Mostly people feels hectic using VPN but this is also the secure method. shows the faster search results and creates every opportunity to let you enjoy the torrent downloading experience. is one of the most popular torrent sites which ensures the users security.

  1. Torrent Fu

Torrent Funk is such a torrent site which helps you in downloading as shows you user reviews, comments and ratings makes you decide whether or not it takes a worth to download. Torrent Fu comes up with millions of verified torrents available for its worldwide visitors. This Site features easy navigation layout which lets the user easily searching for required files and access to its up-to-date content. It’s other amazing feature which offers cross-movie recommendations which takes the user straight to the desired link. Several sites like recommends Torrent Funk as best torrent site for downloading movies, shows, music and software. If you are not satisfied with currently using torrent site, should go for Torrent Funk.

  1. is one of the pioneer’s torrent sites and considered as good choice for downloading torrent files. The site was banned by MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America ) in the year 2013. It reemerged after long time and started with new domain and a new server in a new country. Soon it recovered its lost status and started receiving millions of traffic on monthly basis from all over the world. is the reliable torrent site and do not inject any viruses into the system.

  1. should be called as micro-torrent site comparing to other giant sized torrent sites. It has limited but high quality content available to download. It has been registered with over five million indexed torrents and 450 indexed torrents of it own. The torrents of can easily be searching on Google search engine and then these torrents are interlinked with its database. It generates huge amount of organic traffic which keep increasing its traffic over the time. Furthermore, the tool “Toorgle Search Bar” is available so you can add on your browser. The tool provides the shortcut to have an access on one of the best torrent sites,

  1. is enjoying the big traffic coming on site for downloading torrents. It offers user friendly navigation through thumbnail-based system; visual representation is more appealing than reading the titles. It better helps searching and finds the required torrent in the long list. manages the torrents in categories and sections which improves the browsing experience. It also shows the health of torrent which influence upon downloading speed. Its better knows about torrent’s health and accordingly selects any. User’s comments are available on all titles which makes you easily differentiate between good and bad titles. ExtraTorrent is one of the best torrent sites considering its user friendly features.

  1.  is a torrent which also is a third party Cloud downloader. It’s not similar to other free torrent sites and rather offers paid services. User needs to get registered on by paying $1.5 on weekly basis, $50 for a year. It offers the user a VPN tool to hide the identity and location, downloading torrent is a criminal activity now. Its data files are encrypted and provide a system security which leads to faster downloading and stable connectivity. You should at least visit if not tried yet. The weekly and yearly subscription is quite nominal considering the availability of encrypted content. is one of the best torrent sites.


It is another paid torrent service also offers online streaming. is for online file streaming if you do not want to download it. The video file streaming is possible with Subtitles in your browser. Furthermore, you are not entirely depended upon Torrent Client for downloading torrent file from here, can also downloaded directly to your Cloud. Once the file is downloaded on your Cloud account, you can stream in offline and online both. This particular feature makes the people rated as one of the best torrent sites. It brings various pricing plans to best meet the people needs considering the amount of data they need. is one of the best torrents sites at present time.

  1. is another popular title which seriously considered as the best torrent site. The admin does not even add single torrent file and totally surviving by the support of voluntarily uploaders. offers little less content comparing to other giant sized torrent sites but still user loves it. Site contains little amount of content also offering variety content. You can download music, movies, shows, games and books files. Search them in the name of titles and will be available to you in encrypted format. is one of the best torrent sides considering the variety of content.

  1. Torlock   

Torlock is a place where you find 100% verified content and available for downloading. It ensures variety and covers all of the genres, also allowing users to report any fake torrents in order to maintain the site quality. Torlock always allows its user to download legitimate content and not get suffered from copyright and illegal content issues. People who wants to get rid of fake downloads and misrepresented titled files, Torlock is one of the best torrent sites for him. This site will most probably become the biggest torrent site in near future.