Best Video Editing Apps Available on Android

Since, people have access to high quality cameras on their smartphones and they can make the videos to keep the memorable moments save for the future. This trend has also raised the significance of video editing apps which are available on both Android smartphones and iPhone. Users uses these video editing apps to make it more relevant to its target audience or even for personal use. For Instance, large number of YouTubers are using these video editing apps before uploading them on their YouTube channel. It helps them to make the videos more appealing which helps in staying the user on channel for long time and even subscribe the channel for future appealing videos.
Therefore, we are sharing one of the all best video editing apps with you available on android, because android smartphone owners must have an idea about this and its availability on Play Store.
#1 Viddy
This is one of the easiest video editing app in which user can share its video edited work in the group to receive the comments on it. Though, it sounds difficult that you will have to upload the videos in this app and then use different tools for editing it, but Viddy app has made it quite easy even for users with basic knowledge. It is available on IOS and Android both, desktop users can also use on their PC’s and laptops. Furthermore, Viddy has added the music gallery feature in its app and these music files can be added into your videos to make it more appealing. Such video editing feature is not available in other similar apps.
Video editing app
Viddy ( Video editing app )
#2 Filmora Go
It may be the best video editor to fulfill your different media presentation needs such as showing the images files in slideshow or edit the undesirable frames in the video to make it shorter and meaningful. A user can also use this video editor for adding the cool effects and animated texts in the videos for sending a message. Many YouTubers likes using this app for video editing purposes and successfully receive the millions of views due to its great work. Furthermore, it has user friendly interface and enables user to share its edited videos on the social media and worldwide communities.
Filmora Go
Filmora Go ( Video editing app )
#3 Andromedia Video Editor
This is more known as a free professional video editing tool which enables user for editing the videos created in any format, because it supports large number of video formats. This is the only one free video editor which can create your videos in High Definition format and up to 720 pixels. Furthermore, a user can edit its images files in a way in which slide down will be displaying your all images and there was a music going on in the background. Its easy user interface makes it first choice of the user for video editing.
AndroMedia app
AndroMedia app ( Video editing app )
#4 AndroVid Video Editor  
You need to make a dynamic and highly appealing video through using different video editing features such as trimming, adding the music background, converting the formats and other multiple features, must use this app. User needs trim function because he wants to make the concise video which do not get the people bored. A user can add the texts of variety of formats which makes video more attractive and sometimes appropriate mode of communication to learn about video. Moreover, all videos in different formats can be converted into mp3 which takes small size. This is the must downloading video editing app in order to make videos for higher viewership on YouTube and even very personal purposes.
Video editing app
AndroVid ( Video editing app )
#5 Video Maker Pro
You can create the videos through adding the images and music files in it which makes wonderful videos. People uses this video editing app to create and edit very personal and memorable movies on special occasions like Wedding, Birthdays, Party and Picnic. It has variety of feautes for editing the images such as photo effects, brightness, orientation, photo effects and others. These features are used for image editing used in the videos.
Video editing app
Video maker pro ( Video editing app )
#6 Snip Video Trimmer
This video editing app is only specialized in trimming the videos to reduce its data size. People are using this app for trimming their long duration videos to turn them into short videos and sharing on social media without big uploading time. This is the best video editor for the people who shares small clips for fun on social media.
Video editing app
Snip Video Trimmer ( Video editing app )
#7 Clesh Video Editor
This is another video editing app limited to the trimming function but enables the user editing videos on the cloud also. It is useful for people who is frequently engaged in editing videos on personal, business and friends laptops. They need to save their video editing work on cloud storage and access it from anywhere just need to be connected with internet.
Clesh app
Clesh app ( Video editing app )
#8 KineMaster
This is available with all-in-one video editing features which are enough to make your videos more appealing and views pulling on YouTube and other social media channels. There has been embedded themes in this video editing app, which adds the music and visual styles into your videos. User do not have to be limited to the already installed music in it, but he can add own choice of music in videos.
Video editing app
Kinemaster app ( video editing app )