Best Video Editing Apps Available on IOS

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You will never get your videos viral on social media unless it has not been edited well and includes that time when there was nothing interesting about the videos. You always need to be using an excellent video editing app which trims and cuts down all those frames which makes video boring and out of context. Mostly, high viral and viewership videos were being edited before uploading them. We are going to share some wonderful video editing apps available on iPhone with you.
This app is offering several video editing features such as giving the credits at the end of movie or sharing the cast names. Moreover, you can create your videos more interesting through adding the animated photos and videos from its library. A user can also add the effects such as split-screen effect or showing the videos in slow motion, all these features are used depended upon the nature of videos. A user can also set the music background in their videos which always makes the viewer watching the complete video.
It is a social networking friendly app which enables user sharing his edited video through mail and messages function built in. This video editing app allows user share directly on Facebook and Instagram. It is also consistent with iCloud where user can store its edited videos. This app is available at $4.99 on the IOS Store.
iMovie app
iMovie app
This video editing app is similar to the IMOVE in terms of features, but it is for the users who want to bring the editing experience to the next level. There has been long established history of this video editor when it started developing its desktop based softwares and its IOS app is also available. There is a general perception that Desktop based video editing apps have more features comparing with the IOS and Android. But, you will be able with almost all those features in this app available at the desktop version such as you can get control over title editing, audio edits, zoom control and overall set the video speed. This video editor is available on IOS Store at the cost of $12.99.
video editing app
Pinnacle Studio Pro app
This app is available with amazing features and interesting thing is available free of cost. You can import the all video clips in this video editing app and edit them all individually. User can add the texts and captions in the video to make it viewer friendly and also add amazing soundtracks in background. It has almost all features available like in other similar apps which costs you around $10.
Video editing app
Splice app