Best Video Players Available On Windows PCs You Can Use – Supports All Video Formats, Built-in Codecs, Subtitle Supported and Many More

Best Video Players Available On Windows PCs
Best Video Players

Choose the best video players for watching movies, shows, documentaries and other type of video content actually contributes a lot in your watching experience and each video player makes a difference in its own way. Many people like specific video players for silly reasons but mostly exactly know why they prefer watching videos on certain video players available on Windows platform. It may be confusing for you people to decide which one might be good for you and what features need to be considering in any appropriate video player. We will explain you about each player one by one, which helps you finding your own right choice. We have made a list of Top 10 Best Video Players for Windows platform.

  1. VLC Media Player

VLC media player is open-source software for watching video content on the Windows platform. It is not limited to basic features and almost supports all video formats. It also enables the user enjoying its streaming features and supports large variety of media input. You can hardly find any video and audio format not supported by VLC media player; at least I have not experienced any non-supportive issues on VLC. It also supports wide range of subtitle format, all movie lovers knows the importance of subtitles when they are keen to watch movies dubbed in languages they can’t understand.

VLC Media Player features user-friendly interface which is quite simple and easy-to-navigate. It does not show pop-up ads or including any spyware to break into your privacy and working for any third party to analyze personal choices on Internet. It does not involve you suffering from installing various codec files, all popular codes are pre-installed on it. It also enables the user to choose among the various color skins available, which looks attractive to you.

  1. KMPlayer

In my Friends and Relatives, KMPlayer is the first choice for watching movies on. The obvious reason is support for 3D, 2K, 4K & UHD which other players fails to do the same. It is available with lots of internal codec files which improve the playback experience for you. This makes it one of the best video players available in the Top 10 list.

A user can establish its media library with full of videos and music files, It allows you easily get repeated with your favorite collection again and again, also avoids you get distracted. It can also play the files for you derived from the DVD player, as fully compatible and supports of typical DVD player you can expect. KMPlayer also enables its user to adjust the playback screen with respect to our screen; this video player is also about user’s convenience. It also comes up with in-built subtitle editor too.

KM Player is one of the best video players available considering its large variety of features for users convenience.

  1. GOM Media Player

The best explains GOM Media Player is its availability which is totally free and compatible with almost every media input video and audio both. Its user can hardly see any compatibility issues and never ruined weekends when had plans for watching favorite movie. Its advanced features are also worth-mentioning here such as playback speed control, audio capture, video effects, A-B repeat screen and many more.

Media player is also about User Interface & Customization, it makes available large variety of skins and all looks attractive. Its skins are available on the official site of GOM Player where you can download from and make the player look like as you wish. It also features codec finder which easily lets you find desired codec if it gets non-supportive file to play. Overall performance of GOM player is quite satisfactory on Windows.

This is one of the best video players in the list, considering its variety of beautiful skins.

  1. MPC-HC

MPC-HC is a lightweight desktop software which does not use much RAM and power of processor while playing videos and accepting large variety of formats. It does not let its users frustrated with ads and no unnecessary pop-ups appear on screen. It is necessary to mention here that regardless its lightweight nature, but still can play almost every heavy file that you will have in your Windows PC.

It offers best integrated codec support which enables user playing videos formatted on rare and uncommon formats. MPC-HC is available on 64-bit version which really ensures to provide you most powerful version of video player. User can also make lots of customization on MPC-HC such as changing color skins, installing variety of toolbars and design its UI as per own tastes and preferences.

In addition, there is also a portable version available of MPC-HC which gives its user an access on variety of tools. Considering this to have an own portable version, MPC-HC is one of the best video players available. It is one of the best video players does not take big storage space and consumer PCs resources.

  1. Potplayer

Potplayer is another free video player which runs well on PC’s installed with Windows XP or later and ranges up to Windows 8.1. The high performance of Potplayer is not depended upon high-end specifications hardware; Potplayer will utilize its Hardware Acceleration feature in order to ensure that you get the most enjoyable media experience on Windows. It’s other worth mentioning features are related to playback.

For Instance, unlike the aforementioned video player software, Potplayer overall encourages the 3D experience in the capacity of supporting variety of 3D Glasses features which is amazing from user’s point of view. It also gives you an option of 3D output as per user’s requirement. Potplayer is also good at supporting wide variety of codec which does not let ruining your watching movie experience when you need it most especially on weekends. It supports various formats of subtitle in all languages. Having a Potplayer installed on your desktop, you can play all video formats on the player. It also offers other supportive features such as switch between sound cards, scene bookmarking and Screen snapshot.

Potplayer is one of the best video players which support 3D Glasses.

  1. DivX Player

DivX Player is the best choice for movie lovers who only like to be watching movies and shows on Ultra HD video quality. It is only meant to be used for HQ Video playback and cross-device streaming of your media files. You do not have to get confused with its name; it supports all popular video formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI and many more. It features own built-in Media Server which allows the user stream media to various devices if having DLNA support, also useful for professionals.

DivX Player comes up with several other playback features improves the watching video experience. Its FF/RW feature helps access to several chapters on each video, organizes the video files on playlists, Recently Watched playlist and advanced audio playback. Overall, DivX offers all essential useful features a video player must have.

DivX is one of the best video players used for watching videos at HD quality.

  1. RealPlayer

RealPlayer has been enjoying the good reputation for long time and trusted by millions of users on Windows platform. It is not limited to watching movies but also share those videos through cloud service. These videos can be accessed from any device you want, which is amazing. Its free version comes up with standard features, you can get its premium version by spending only $4.99 per month, also enjoy the access on storage space of 365GB.

Its additional features are also worth mentioning here, you can share movies into big screen, such as HD TVs. To enjoy this option, it just requires you installing the app on the device. RealPlayer never lets you missing your favorite stuff as using its bookmark feature is really useful for saving the link to see in future.

  1. UMPlayer

UMPlayer stands for Universal Media Player enjoys popularity and recognized as one of the best video players on Windows for watching movies. It’s an open source based video player and provides the media player solution. If you want to enjoy a seamless movie-watching experience on Windows PC, then you should go for UMPlayer. It supports large number of video formats and also featuring in-built codec support. It gives you an option of selecting the media source from number of choices, including video sharing platform like YouTube. You can change its outlook through changing the body skins available on official site.

UMPlayer is one of the best video players fully integrated with video sharing platform like YouTube.

  1. Plex

Plex is something more than an ordinary video player and belongs to next-generation. You can Plex for watching movies on Windows PC and also other wide range of devices such as Smartphone and Tablets. It offers free online storage space to save favorite movies on and access them later anytime. It will be acting like a media player and server both depends upon your nature of usage.

  1. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is known for its simple UI and easy-to-navigate player. It offers all standard features similar to other video players such as built-in codecs, various Playback features, skin color changing and YouTube support. It lets you play the YouTube videos while using SMPlayer. It is fully integrated with almost all popular subtitle sites and enables you watching movies with the subtitles. It is also capable of using Hardware acceleration feature and runs smoothly even on Window PCs having low-end specs.


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This is what we have gathered the list of Top 10 Best Video Players For Windows which ultimately improves the movies watching experience. Each best video player is popular for its own reason and strength, the personal depends upon the user requirements.