Top 10 Best Call Recording App (s) Can Use on iPhone, Free and Paid Both Version – Apps For Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Call Recording App
Call Recording App

We often need to record our calls so that the whole conversation made on the call can be saved for the future reference. Though, iPhone do not offer built-in call recording app as this is an illegal activity and cannot blame Apple for it. This makes the iPhone user looking for appropriate call recorder apps which enables them to do what they want, as this is a missing feature which leaves the room for all App developers. The good thing you can already find number of best caller recorder apps on its App store which brings the ability to record calls while also maintains its user friendly recognition. Here, we present the list of top 10 best call recording apps for your iPhone.

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1- TapeACall Pro

There is no doubt in declaring TapeACall Pro as the best call recording app on iPhone. Its call recording features are quite well functioning and records at high voice quality, obviously it’s not available free of cost. There is no limit in number of incoming and outgoing calls recording, users can record calls as many as they want. You can have an access to recorded calls on instant basis and sharing option is also there. TapeACall Pro app enables you sharing recorded calls via Facebook or Twitter, can also upload recordings on Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. You can attach the file and send it on your own email address.

TapeACall Lite allows you recording unlimited calls but can only hear first 60 seconds of the recording. With the Pro version, there is no such limitations and can hear calls for no matter how long they are.

You can buy the TapeACall Pro app at the price of $9.99, sounds expensive but should also consider its useful features and overall quality offers. It is a working app on IOS 6 and later models. TapeCall Lite is a must using call recording app for iPhone users.

2- Call Recorder – IntCall  

Call Recorder – IntCall offers its call recording feature at quite satisfactory level on iPhone. You will need to dial a number from within the app to start recording function, recording starts as call starts. Call Recorder – IntCall allows you sharing call recording file via email or can also sync them with iTunes on your PC. You need to make the relevant title for the file, can easily access it later any time.

You can download Call Recorder – IntCall app at free of cost but you will need to purchase credits to dial more numbers from the app. This is a functioning app on IOS 4.3 and onwards versions.

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3- Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro stands at the third position in the list of best call recording apps on iPhone. It allows the user recording all outgoing calls made from the app. It can be functioning offline without connecting to the Internet, though recommended app should be connected to Internet at the time of call recording. User can record first two minutes call totally free but after that have to pay for the app as an in-app purchases. All recorded calls are going to be saved in call log section of the app.

All call recordings will be saved on the developer’s private server, which ensures high security of the data and prevents any unauthorized access from hackers. It fulfills the users requirements in the decent manner and recording service is quite satisfactory. It is a functioning app on IOS 4.3 or later versions. Call Log Pro is a call recording app which lets user to record calls at high quality.

4- Call Recorder Free

Call Recorder Free is another amazing app which allow record your both incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone. When the calls starts or even in the middle, can tap the record button available on the app and then it will dial recording number automatically, then it requires you to merge the calls to start recording. To record outgoing calls, you will need to dial recording number and then the number where you want to make call and record it, then merge both calls for recording. It’s a social friendly call recording app which enables you sharing the call recorded files via Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, iMessage and Email.

You can download Call Recorder Free app at free of cost as its name also hints. But, you will have to purchase credit for dialing more recording numbers. This is functioning app on IOS 5.0 and later versions.

5- Call Recorder Plus

Call Recorder Plus can only be used through keep crediting the account before availing its call recording feature. User has to pay for what you record. The app do not demand you to pay subscription fee but will need to pay for credits and 10 credits = 10 recordings, 60 minutes for each call. This is the better option in all call recording apps for people who wants to record call just once and pay for it. This call recording app is capable of recording both incoming and outgoing calls.

You can purchase the app for $3.99 for the iPhone, It can only be running on IOS 6 and higher.

6- Edigin Call Recorder

It is a cloud based call recording app for the iPhone users, enables them recording both incoming and outgoing calls on the cloud. It offers cloud based services; user’s mobile calls are being routed though its data centers, then calls can be recorded. You can easily access to the file of your recorded call on the Cloud account.

Note: You will have to create an account on Edigin before you can actually use its call recording app on iPhone. It is also illegal in specific countries where they require you to sign a contract. The app can only be functioning on IOS 7 or later.

7- Call Recording by is not only popular for offering its call recording services but it is also recognized as one of the world’s largest ecommerce transcription. It enables the user recording incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone. It also saves the recording file on the Cloud. You will be allocated free 20 minutes for a month every month, otherwise will need to purchase the additional minutes for call recording. Its other features includes ability to transcribe, social media friendly for sharing, offers dictation services and many more.

Note: This call recording app is only available for the users living in North America. You can download the app totally free and requires IOS 6 or advanced.

8- Call Recorder – VoIP phone calls & recorder  

This call recording app is limited to recording outgoing calls only made over its VoIP server. User does not have to pay for its recording feature but app requires users to pay for the VoIP calls you make. One can use the opportunity to make prank calls, do not you think?

It is advised either using WiFi or 4G connection in order to make calls to expect best results. You can create the backup of all recorded calls on iTunes. You can download the app at free of cost but it requires IOS 5.1.1 or later.

9- ipadio 

ipadio is more than a  voice call recording app, it can also record video calls. You need to first create an account on ipadio, then it allows you to record calls via the app. All the recordings will be saved on ipadio account and can be accessed anytime anywhere. Being an account holder of ipadio, you will have access to RSS feeds, listener stats, embed codes, download options and can also make adjustments on privacy settings. To start the call recording, first need to dial ipadio’s number and also enter unique pin allocated to you, then dial the required number to make call and record and merge those calls, once the conversation is over and the complete recorded call will be saved on ipadio account.

Though, this call recording app is not quite simple but still offers pretty handy features. You can download the app from App Store which requires IOS 6.1 or later.

10- Google Voice

You may be surprised by knowing that Google Voice app enables you recording your calls. You just need to install the app on your iPhone, and then setup your account and that’s it. You are all set to record the calls whenever you want. Its very simple and do not you take much to do for call recording, only need to press 4 before app starts recording incoming call and press 4 again when you want to stop it.

Google Voice app offers stability and high quality of voice recording, as developed by one of the largest companies in the world. The sad thing is only can record incoming calls and not outgoing.

This is the list of top ten best call recording apps available for iPhone users. It would not be wrong to say that each and every app has its own limitations but at least now you can record your calls considering the fact that it is an illegal activity and IOS is the most secure operating system to freely allow this.

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