CareKit Framework Launched In IOS Includes Four Useful Health Apps


IOS Health App

Apple launched Big CareKit framework which is currently including four different health apps and expected to be coming more into this framework. CareKit is an open-source software development framework designed by the Apple. It is a great initiative to take care and address the health concerns of the people. Apple has recently announced four new built-in CareKit based applications. These are named as Start, One Drop, Glow Nurture and Glow Baby. These two applications are developed to become a good parents and taking care of the child with its help. Glow Nurture is a useful applications and includes all the necessary health related instructions and precautions for the parents which are applicable during the pregnancy. Glow Baby is a healthcare app designed for the period when child is actually born. The third application in this series is called “One Drop”, it is especially designed for people who are suffering from diabetes.


This application includes the abundant information about how the diabetes patient should control its glucose level and manage its diet. There is a wonderful feature in this application, a user can monitor its glucose level through Bluetooth-enabled handheld device. The same feature is also supported in the Apple Watch. This application enables the user suffering from diabetes, to check its glucose level anywhere but he must be having its iPhone at that time. The fourth and last application is called “Start”, it is designed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from the depression, and it has built in medication features which helps the user to release its depression. The good news is that it is a free downloading application available for the iPhone users. Apple has especially developed the CareKit an open source framework, in which developers are invited to build useful medical apps which assists user in monitoring their health conditions and can take care of themselves. These health apps will definitely reduce the people dependence on the doctor’s visit.