Chuwi iLife X5 Vacuum Cleaner For Budgeted Price

iLife X5

iLife X5 is the new gadget for the “House Care” category and designed by the Chinese company Chuwi. It is a vacuum cleaner capable of washing and cleaning your house floor efficiently and effectively both. It reduces your efforts of cleaning the house floor especially when you are living in big house with lots of children or such a lifestyle where people visit your house frequently, iLife X5 is the perfect product / gadget for them. iLife X5 is capable of playing two roles simultaneously of cleaning and vacuuming, It not only clean your floor but at the same time can also vacuum it. This feature is unique and not available in similar competitor’s products. Let’s start the review of iLife X5 in the detail.

Its shape is contributing big role to make it an effective vacuum cleaner gadget because its 300 mm diameter and thickness is 70 mm. There are two brushes placed on the iLife X5 which gives the dust a direction towards suction entry. Like other vacuum cleaners, it does not have motorized rotational brush so its more suitable for hardwood or floors.

iLife X5


iLife X5 is available in four different modes such as 1/ Automatic, 2/ Scheduled Cleaning, 3/ Mopping and 4/ Edge and Corner Cleaning. Each mode has a separate button placed on the cleaner and you can switch it on / off instantly. iLife X5 does not make a noise and offers cleaning services quietly. This gadget is controlled by the remote in your hands and it cleans the floor with and turn around on the 45 degree to clean everywhere.

It has a battery capacity of 2600 mAh enough for ninety minutes to clean / vacuum the floor on the full suction mode which means you will never run out of the battery. It also offers quick full recharging within five hours.

iLife X5

Now, discussing its Pros and Cons which lets you clearly make the judgment about the gadget called iLife X5.


  • Clean / Vacuum the floor without noise.
  • Performs dual functionality, mopping and vacuuming.
  • Installed with HEPA Filters.
  • Available in cheapest price comparing to the similar competitive products in market.


  • The size of dust catcher is small.
  • It does not equipped with motor brush, not working on carpets.
  • iLife X5 is unable to clean the extremely dirty floors.

Conclusion for iLife X5 Review

Chuwi iLife X5 is the best alternative for those people who cannot afford expensive vacuum cleaners of the brands like iRobot and Neato. This machine is more suitable for the houses having floors without carpets. This machine is really affordable for people who do not have higher budget for vacuum cleaner. It  is easy to use and enables user get the floor cleaning on daily basis. It does not make noise and improves your mopping experience meanwhile. Chuwi iLife X5 will be available at the price of $129 which is highly affordable.