Cydia Eraser Is Released For IOS 9.3.3., No Need Of Restoring iTunes For Signing Back


Cydia Eraser has been updated for giving the support to IOS 9.3.3. This help is for the all Jailbroken Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Cydia Eraser used to be known as Cydia Impacter which is its former name. It recently added the support for all Jailbroken Apple devices using the IOS 9.3.3 firmware. Its not a good news for Apple technical team when one week ago they released the IOS 9.3.4 firmware to catch and kill the jailbreak solution of Pangu Team’s which was using for the IOS version from 9.3.2. to 9.3.3.

Most probably majority of people is un-conversant with the Cydia Eraser which uses for removing / deleting the all data on the firmware, means any Apple device using the Jailbroken can be used as it never broke the jail and used tweaks while you also do not need to restore the iTunes. Cydia Eraser is important because when you have already Jailbroken your Apple device and now wants to wipe out the all data through re-signing in the IOS 9.3.3. and you come to know that Apple stopped the signing of the same and then you will not left with any other option except Cydia Eraser. Cydia Eraser helps you in “unjailbreak” your Apple device and it becomes an Apple device which was never jailbroken.

You will find it useful when you want go to the Apple customer service center to acquire its repairing services. Since, Apple customer service representative will never able to be offering repairing services in case Apple device is Jailbroken. You can use Cydia Eraser to wipe out all Jailbroken data and have it back once device is returned from service center. I would recommend you one thing that whenever you have plans to sell the Apple device, you can use Cydia Eraser to remove the all data from device, so that a new buyer can also take the full benefit of it and keep downloading the new tweaks to make fun.

Apple can anytime stop signing the IOS 9.3.3.which means you can still downgrade to older version without using Cydia Eraser but this is a matter of time now and It can be stopped signing by Apple’s technical team anytime.