What Kind of Videos YouTube Will Be Demonetized?


YouTube is a video-sharing website visited by millions of users in a month. Its admin recently announced new guidelines about “not advertiser-friendly” and demonetized videos, which includes the instructions about which kind of content must not be included in the video and otherwise a person who uploaded that video cannot monetize it. Video creators are not happy with these instructions and guidelines and asking Google to re-think about it and lifting them.

This issue came to notice that when video creators started receiving the notices in the letter along with their paycheck, these notices were lighting the inappropriate content used in the videos by them.

One of the famous YouTubers “Chris Ray Gun” created a video in which breaking all these guidelines and instructions to protest against “not advertiser-friendly” policy.


Types of Content Demonetized By YouTube


You can email to YouTube officials to have a manual review of your videos so that you can be eligible for video Monetization.

Let’s see whether or not YouTube is going to make any changes on the pressure of video creators, otherwise Demonetized policy is going to make significant drop in paychecks who uses violent content in their videos.