Dropbox For Business: Does It Suitable for Business Clients

    Dropbox is a cloud storage facility available to the individuals and businesses, they have been competing good against the other cloud services like Google, Amazone, Microsoft and iCloud storage. Its top management is ambitious to increase the market share and position themselves as becoming the first choice for business clients in Corporate World. According to the company’s claim, they have more than two million business customers and also offering services to 95% Corporates listed in the Fortune500. Dropbox for business is definitely having growth in its demand and businesses are trusting it using cloud storage facility to store the business confidential data.
    Since, business customers are the more profitable market than individuals for companies like Dropbox, company has strong intention filling any security loopholes and weak areas to attract the Corporate customers. Since, Corporate are still not confident storing its sensitive data in cloud storage which means sharing with third party.
    To address this issue, no doubt top management of  Dropbox bringing significant changes and overall improving the working culture and employees performance to make it more secure cloud service. I am sharing with you five points which defines how Dropbox for Business is most suitable choice for business clients.
    1. Dropbox implemented new security controls for protecting record of business clients
    Its top management took serious actions after the news revealed that some unauthorized parties got access to the dropbox accounts of its business clients, news also revelated that it was the result of sloppy business practices within the company. It damaged the company reputation and lost the confidence of busines clients for being a secure cloud storage service. Nevertheless, Dropbox for Business came up with highly secure features which helped the I.T. managers to feel relax over the data security issues.
    Now, you have to go through the two-step verification process to access the Corporate data in Dropbox for business, for preventing unauthorized access. It has applied the AES-256 encryption standard for data security, this standard is also used by financial industry which is highly sensitive. Secondly, management has also introduced secure socket layer in the Dropbox for business, which provides the data security in the tunnel established between dropbox corporate users and data center.
    Dropbox for business is also offering automatic data backups with higher reliability. Therefore, business clients do not need to be worried about data lost as its backup is also secure and protected in the Dropbox servers.
    2. Dropbox for Business new features enhances the control for I.T. Administration
    CEO’s of the big companies do not feel comfortable about his employees are using the Dropbox for storing the business files in its cloud storage, so that they can also work later at home through synching. Though, it increases the employees productivity and good for company as well. To address this problem, Dropbox for Business has introduced the monitoring tool for I.T. administration in which they can monitor what documents are stored in cloud, all recent activities of employees in Dropbox and whom employees are accessing which files. With this new feature in Dropbox for Business, they can also produce the reports on the basis of this data.
    3. Dropbox for Business also works in collaboration
    Dropbox for Business is not just a cloud storage service which clients can only use for storing and retrieving the data. It has a feature of shared folders which enables the I.T. administrator to give the authorized users access to these shared folders from the Dropbox, even they are working in other parts of the world and scattered. It has another feature which enables the user going back to the previous version of the file, this feature will be used when you accidently delete or modify the important files.
    4. Dropbox for Business is compatible with all systems
    In the big companies and corporate world, there is a culture prevailing that all employees are bringing their own laptops in I.T. department especially. Employees are also their Smartphone for data synching and accessing official files. Therefore, they have different operating system such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and others. The good thing is Dropbox for Business is compatible with all operation system and devices. Its app is available in Android and IOS both. It is a cost friendly software which takes the burden of data storage and security for sure, otherwise it is such a big pain for I.T. department.
    5. Dropbox for Business has moderate pricing plans
    Dropbox’s cloud service is available at $795 annually and maximum five users can access to its cloud facility. Otherwise, business client have to pay $125 addition annually for every single user. Customers  enjoys the big cloud storage space, file transferring and synching services. Though, its competitors are somehow good at pricing strategy such as Google Drive is offering cloud services at cheaper rates and available with variety of plans to meet the clients different needs. Nevertheless, Dropbox for Business is competing hard against its competitors due to its Excellency, improvement and up gradation of features.