Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook TV App For Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV

Facebook Tv App
Facebook Tv App

Almost, all of us uses Facebook every person in your surroundings have a Facebook account to become the part of largest social media platform through computer or Smartphone. They are everywhere on both of these devices, now also going to capture TV world.

Facebook Tv App
Facebook Tv App

Social networking giant Facebook is also going to provide post-TV platform, for which will be launching Facebook TV apps for Smart TVs soon. They further announced about developing a video app for TVs which will also be available soon on Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and other brands available in this category.

The app is all about watching videos and viewing content. It’s a dedicated app for searching and watching all videos posted on Facebook, it might be a live streaming of any Celebrity available online, News Feed videos or simply videos recommended by friends.

Facebook TV app is an attempt to find another source of ads revenues will be coming from viewer’s watches Facebook videos and also watches ads meanwhile. On its success, we can also expect licensed content created by professionals. It seems like Facebook has plans to penetrate “Video-on-Demand” market which creates big competitive challenges for existing players. If they succeeded in initiating the plan, they can capture the major market share in streaming video services market.

To take the investors in confidence, Mark Zuckerberg explained to its Investors that Facebook TV app is a next big thing for the company; its better initiates the Video plan first across our family of apps which enables the people conveniently capturing and sharing videos. Mark Zuckerberg also claimed that “Facebook certainly has the potential to become a new Netflix”. Facebook is one of the most popular brands in the world, needs to encash its brand in video streaming market as well.

Besides from the announcement about upcoming Facebook TV app, other announcements are also made such as few changes also happening to videos showing on the site. Videos will be played automatically on Facebook with sound already turned on, still gives option of turned it off. Furthermore, vertical Facebook videos will also be automatically maxed up in order to fit the screen, same like YouTube.

As per the Vice President Dan Rose, upcoming Facebook TV app does not compete with Netflix and other similar players, at least for now. He further explains Facebook users going to mark the videos on Facebook for later viewing and new upcoming app will help them to watch all marked videos when they have free time.

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