Four Cool Tweaks Available For This Week: Spy Bug Free, BBM Video Call, Airplane Enhancer+ and Live Ringing


There was a time when jailbreak IOS apps was one of the easiest things and people could easily find useful tweaks which used to be improving the smartphone functionality. Now, Jailbreak is no more effective and even Cydia has become like IOS Store where it is difficult to find useful apps out of thousands of similar other apps. This article will not let you find worth using apps after searching them from extensive database, you must only be using these following tweaks which are newly released and at least should be tried once.

This is a JailBreak which enables you set the video for every incoming call you have or outgoing call you make. This video will automatically be played once you receive or make calls. You can set same or different videos on different contracts in your iPhone. This JailBreak app is available at the cost of $1.99 and can be picked up from the BigBoss repo.
Spy Bug Free
If your want to leave your iPhone behind in your office or home and want to record the all conversations recorded in your surroundings when you were not there. This is a best tweak “Spy Bug Free” which records all the voices and it is activated automatically once specific noise level is exceeded. This tweak can make your iPhone a spy voice recording gadget at the same time. This tweak is totally free and you can pick it up from ModMyi repo.
BBM Video Call
According to the recent initiative made by BlackBerry, video calling is possible from BlackBerry handset to the iPhone or any Android handset. This feature is available in the beta version and currently limited to the United States. Downloading and using this tweak in your smartphone, It enables you to be enjoying this feature anywhere in the world.
Airplane Enhancer+
This is an app used for increasing the airplane mode functionality on IOS devices. Once, it has been installed and now you can set the schedule setting as when Airplane mode should be turned on and off automatically. Besides this, users can also set specific apps which must turn off the Airplane mode once one of those apps are launched on IOS devices. For Example, Airplane mode is on and you launch the Facebook app which requires the Internet. It will automatically turned off the Airplane mode and you can use Facebook while Internet is on. This tweak is available at the cost of $3.00 which can be downloaded from BigBoss repo.