Google Fuchsia Is Replacing the Android? Fuchsia Supports Which Device?

Google Fuchsia
Google Fuchsia

It is confirmed that Fuchsia is an operating system but not confirmed yet which device is this operating system being designed for? All we know so far about this Fuchsia is a new operating system being developed by Google. You need to keep with us updated for Fuchsia and what it is actually and for which designed. We need to answer these following questions now.

What is Google Fuchsia?

Google Fuchsia is yet a pile of code keep growing every day for making available all new features in the Google Fuchsia operating system. We can expect that Google Fuchsia is going to be the next big OS for upcoming future devices and the beginning of its developed is already started, though Google did not confirm about it yet. The interesting thing about Fuchsia development is, It is not being created / coded on Linux Kernel used for the Android and Chrome both belongs to Google.

Google Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia An OS For Which Device?

According to the educated rumors, It is a common operating to make the Chrome and Android unified ( It was the news circulated in the last year ), now reports confirmed that Google Fuchsia releases somewhere in 2017. We also access to Its documentation which informs that Google Fuchsia is an operating system designed for targeting and supporting the “modern phones and modern personal computers” with fast processors. Google Fuchsia could also be the OS for powering the IOT devices.

Google Fuchsia

Google Fushsia Replaces the Android?

It can be possibility that Fushsia needs to replace the Android to become the central standard OS for all Android devices. There are multiple Smartphone brands using the Android OS having different tweaked versions rather than using the same standard pure version for sharing the same quality of updates. Google has to be facing the various problems while releasing the updates not compatible with these multiple Android brands. Android is causing the fragmentation problems for Google and Fushsia is expected replacing Android to become one central OS for all brands of devices using Android.