Google Pixel and XL Pixel Series: Price, Specifications, Features, Powered By Snapdragon 821 and Internal Storage 32GB

Google Pixel Series
Google Pixel Series

“Pixel” is the new Smartphone series about to introduce by Google itself. This Smartphone series is touted as the successor device of Nexus. Reports confirm that they have plans not to come up with Nexus brand any more. Google will focus on now launching its flagship segment of new Smartphone series in the name of Pixel. This new series will mainly feature premium looks and high quality metal body while enabling the user to have customized operating system of Smartphone. Rumors are revealing lots of other things too which also shows its all innovative ideas for Pixel series as this is the future of Google produced Smartphone. Google Pixel Series is an effort made by giant search engine to introduce innovation in Smartphone now.

Google Pixel Series
Google Pixel Series


According to the recent leaks, all Smartphone in the Google Pixel series will be identical except for screen size. Though, its Pixel XL Smartphone is said to be having contrast design from its back and upper quarter is made of separate plastic window, it will also have fingerprint sensor on its back. It places the camera and flash on the top left side as usual. The new pixel Smartphone will be placing the power button and volume keys on its right side somewhere in middle.


Google Pixel phone is believed to be having 5.2 Inches screen and its Full HD with (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. Its Google Pixel XL is featuring the 5.5 Inches display with Quad HD resolution. User will be enjoying watch high quality YouTube videos on this phone.


This new Google Pixel series of Smartphone is said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. This phone is likely to be having 32GB of Internal storage.


Pixel Smartphone is expected to be having 12MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. Furthermore, Daydream facilities are also be expected to available in Pixel XL Smartphone. Pixel XL will also come up with amazing feature storing for saving unlimited photos and videos captured at full resolution.


According to the Rumors, Google Pixel will be available at the price of $600 with the version of 32GB Internal Storage.

This is all rumors and unofficial leaks and not confirmed by Google yet. But, it is confirmed that its new Pixel series is about to launch now.