Gorilla Glass 5 will protect the screen of your phone unbelievably

gorillia glass 5
Gorrila Glass 5 is making sure that you do not  have to give up with your in use smartphone because you dropped it and broken down the screen. They are offering such a glass screen which does not make it broken even you drop the phone while taking selfie through lifting the hands. Corning is a company making super-resistent glass for the mobile screen since 2007 and recently released the Gorilla Glass 5 which is unbreakable and it would definitely be a great achievement.
The major difference between Gorilla Glass 5 and its previous versions that, earliest versions could surive once dropped down from the pocket level, the newest version claims that mobile screen will be safer even dropping from 1.6 meters which is equal to 5 feet and 2 inches. This is definitely a revolutionary technology which makes your smartphone safer and durable. Otherwise, there would be hardly a single person whose phone was never dropped.


Currently, Cornia made Gorilla Glass is protecting 4.5 billion phones in the world because it is a name of trust. Cornia is not limited to design super-resistent glass for mobiles but they are also going to work with Ford and design Gorilla Glass windshield for cars.