Gym Battle Feature in the Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has already become a big threat for big gaming and non-gaming apps in terms of its active usage is increasing and people are switching from using big apps like Twitter, Clash of Clans, Facebook and similar others to Pokemon Go. This Pokemon version has added the Pokemon Battle feature which improves the gaming experience and this is why people are addicated to it. Before qualifying for the Pokemon battle, a player has to be reaching at minimum level 5 through catching the wild pokemons. Pokemon Battles is also known as Gym battles, this is a battle for capturing the landmark locations on the game map. A player can identify the Pokemon Go gyms in the map, tall colorful towers are actually the Gym which might be the famous locations in the real world.
A player has to select one of three teams and each team has its own color code Yellow, Red and Green. A gym which is already captured by any team will show you its color and otherwise gym in grey color are not captured yet.
How can I Win the Pokemon Battle?
In the Pokemon battle, you need to attack your enemy’s pokemon sitting besides the Gym and using three types of attack in the right manner. The first kind of attack is “Fast Attack”, in which you initiate the attack and keep attacking on enemy’s Pokemon for boosting up your “Special Attack”’s ability. Meanwhile using the Dodge attack to avoid opponent Pokemon’s attack. In the end, use your Special attack to give the maximum damage till opponents Pokemon health reaches zero. You can only win the Pokemon battle when you make the right use of these three kinds of attacks.  
Role of PokemonTypes to Win the Battle
One player must choose the right Pokemon type to win the Pokemon battle, since it also involves the game strategy. Each Pokemon type has its own advantages and disadvantages which contributes into winning the Pokemon battle. For, an opponent’s Pokemon has one of these types Bug, Steel, Ice or Grass, an attack must attack from Fire-type Pokemon in the battle because this type is strong against all of them. An attacker can carry maximum six Pokemon in Battle and he needs to choose them wisely and strategically. This thing will definitely help you in winning the Pokemon Battle.
What About Prestige Level and Its Role in Pokemon Battle?
Once, you win the Pokemon battle against the opponent’s gym, it decreases the prestige level which must be reached to zero at the end and to win the gym. The higher prestige level, the more it is difficult to win that gym from opponent. It also means when you win the gym battle, it does not let you own the gym at that time but you actually help your team in decresing the prestige level of your opponent’s gym and your team players will also have to attack that same gym and win for ultimate victory.


Pokemon Battle is the special feature which makes this game more interesting and you have to be selecting the one team and play your role in strenghtening your team and capturing maximum gyms around you. It gives the wonderful experience that your team members are available all over the world.