Best Hyperlapse Apps For Android Users You Should Try and Download Worthy

Best Hyperlapse Apps
Best Hyperlapse Apps

Best Hyperlapse Apps

Smartphone photography is taking place as the trendy phenomena knowing the fact professional cameras are not in the reach of majority of people. Big Smartphone Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG and others also considers this trend as a significant point of sale and putting lots of unique features into their cameras. This trend took a new turn when Instagram introduced its Hyperlapse app for all IOS devices and Android users also wants similar app on Google Play Store to download and using it for unique style of Smartphone photography. There are no signs of launching of Instagram’s Hyperlapse app for Android but we can tell you other similar apps currently available for shooting hyperlapse videos. But, first we need to define what “hyperlapse” is.

What is Hyperlapse?

As per the Wikipedia, Hyperlapse is way difficult to define in technical words and explaining all its technicalities which makes it unique from other photography features. In simple words, It is the format of timelapse video, which goes through the time passing while location changes. A YouTube video in the below can get you better idea on this.

Now you surely have an idea about what hyperlapse videos are and how they differ from the ordinary videos. We are going to share with you best hyperlapse apps available on Android platform.

  1. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

This is a best hyperlapse app which ensures close mimic with the features of hyperlapse app developed by Instagram the original one. Microsoft Hyperlapse App lets you recording the videos at full ease through the Simplest User Interface while having different functionalities. You only have to deal with two options on the home screen of app, “IMPORT” and “RECORD”. Import button needs to be clicked for importing the Video on which Hyperlapse effects will be applied. “Record” Button is used for recording a new Hyperlapse video. Once the Hyperlapse feature is performed on the given video, it gives you the option of video speeds from 1x to 32x.

Best Hyperlapse Apps
Best Hyperlapse Apps

This app also features cropping function which allows you to crop the videos from its total timeline. Once cropping has been performed and done, you can simply import your hyperlapsed and edited video on the desired storage space. This is not finish here yet, but app also asks you to choose the video quality from 720p to 1080p. Though, this app is available with quite limited features comparing to the other similar hyperlapse apps but it’s totally free. Its functions and abilities are quite impressive. This is one of the best hyperlapse apps can be using without spending even any single buck.

  1. Framelapse – Time Lapse Camera

This app comes up with both functionalities and abilities which shoots both time lapse & hyperlapse videos. It has user friendly interface with easy navigation allows you to be familiar with in few seconds. On the main interface, you can have the all controls uses for recording a hyperlapse video. You can also select the shooting of hyperlapse videos at various video resolutions in a wide range from 144p to 1080p. You can not only select the frame interval speed but also choose video duration options.

Best Hyperlapse Apps

Its other features include enables you choosing exposure compensation, self-timer, white balance setting and filter effects. This is one of the best hyperlapse apps gives you the full control on what you are shooting.

Best Hyperlapse Apps

This app is also available in paid version which get you ride of advertisements and unlocks few more useful features makes your shooting experience more worthy and dynamic. Its additional features includes custom frame, sleep mode and white balance looks. Its paid version will cost you only $2.99 and enjoy it for lifetime.

  1. Lapse It – Time Lapse Camera

This is another app which performs both time lapse and hyperlapse for recorded videos and definitely worth downloading. It also comes up with several options and abilities to improve the video shooting experience so you can use shooting skills at its best. Lapse It app is also enabling you for speeding up the time lapse in the video up to 240x in millisecond precision. You can also set the start and stop schedule on automatic basis while also setting the background music to make the videos more worth watching.

Once the video is recorded and hyperlapse function is applied, you still have an option saving the video in multiple formats and wide range of resolutions available. It is also having a slow-motion feature which enables recording the videos at slow speed. The thing is why it is not listed on the top as the best hyperlapse app when they are already having all useful features which other similar apps lacks. The reason is its all worth using features are available in its paid version. You can have its paid version at the cost of $2.99.

Best Hyperlapse Apps

These are the Best Apps For Recording Hyperlapsed Videos on Android

There is no match of Instagram’s hyperlapse app available IOS users and not yet arrived on Android. Till it also releases on Google Play Store, the aforementioned apps are worth using and the only best option for Android users. You can download and use them for recording hyperlapsed videos while also getting full hands on its numerous functions and wide range of features. Mentioned above are one of the best hyperlapse apps.