Important Tips to Make Sure Before Going Facebook Live


Facebook Live Feature

Facebook has introduced another new feature through which its users can go live with its audience and followers on his page. Several brand ambassadors, promoters, publishers and overall general users find it very useful to fulfill their own certain purposes. At the same time, it has been observed that people still needs to learn some important tips before going live, else they would lose its audience next time whenever they try live function again. These tips are discussed used in the following.

Should go vertical or horizontal: You must be deciding that whether you are going to start the video horizontally or vertically, this is possible on iPhone. Make the best decision at this time, so that you can show the world what you want to show in the right direction.
Change camera views: You will definitely be using the selfie view for most of the time in the live video. But, you need to know main camera option is also available if you want people to see all around you.
Deal with viewer’s comments cleverly: Once comments are there on the screen, it cannot be deleted after its broadcast. Therefore, you have to take the comments and answering them to move forward.
Make sure about strong internet connectivity: Good internet connection is critical since you are live. You can lose the live streaming with your audience in case connection lost. Here is a good thing, Facebook will pause the video till connection restores, but you may lose number of your audience then.
Prepare your content: You must prepare and practice your content before going live on Facebook. A good content and fluent speaking delivery will leave the positive impact over your audience about what you are trying to delivery or want them to know. Otherwise, people will soon tune off your live streaming and may go to the YouTube for their other video streaming.
Promote your broadcasting: According to the Facebook’s experts, a person is having live streaming videos will be having more audience than the person who never goes to Live.
Choose the time when maximum audience: There is no sense of broadcasting when your audience is not online or in very small numbers. You must be seeing inside your Facebook page and analyze the time when your audience is at its highest numbers. Secondly, share the message about you are going live on Facebook at this time. So that, they know before the time and come to online to ask any question they have.
Plan the answer for frequently asked questions: Since, everybody knows the FAQ’s regarding his profession. Therefore, you must be preparing well for the expected FAQ’s and leave a good impression overall.
Answer viewers with calling personal names: It is better answer the questions of viewers calling their names. It makes the viewer personally and emotionally attached with you and he wants to watch your videos on long-term basis being a loyal viewer.
Purchase the Tripod: A screen must not be shaky which makes the viewer irritate watching your video. You must purchase a Tripod to fix the camera and it would allow the streaming without any shaking.
Choose the area with proper light: Pick a spot where there is a good light and it brighten up the video streaming. Good light can enable the bright video even through low specs camera in use.