Do not Let the Pakistan’s Information Technology Sector Victim of Politics

Politics With Information Technology
Politics With Information Technology

PML-N is a political party ( These days in Power ) has habit of announcing and re-announcing the Projects to gain the publicity and popularity. They have done the same several times with the big public development and energy projects which are having controversial issues about its feasibility and benefits to common man. There was a project for making available free Online courses to all person, this project was initially launched back in 2013 and yesterday its news was retweeted on Twitter to raise the sympathies and soft corner.

This all fake initiatives for Information Technology sector started when a government official announced on a private news channel that Pakistan Government is intended and about to initiate an Own search engine. He further said that SUPARCO and PITB are working together to establish Pakistani based search engine and compete against Google.

Politics With Information Technology
Bad Politics With Information Technology

Tech geeks started working on this news and asking the questions about its credibility on all social media platforms. This scenario led the Mr. Umar Saif a Chairman of PITB and he clarified that there is no such intention from our side.

All of us knows that Information Technology is the fastest growing sector all over the world and Indian economy is generating $50 billion foreign exchange reserves from this sector. Pakistan has got most brilliant tech geeks and experts such as Software & App developers, graphic designers, network engineers and many more working in different fields of I.T. sector. Government friendly policies towards this sector and promoting the tech geeks can make the Pakistan also generate billions of foreign exchange reserves. Unfortunately, current government is only interested in taking the credit for the things which have not even initiated yet. Even though, Pakistan’s Information Technology sector is grabbing the opportunities through freelancing and accessing the sites, where they can directly meet the international client.