“Instant Video” Feature Launched By Facebook For Live Video


Facebook managed to update its new feature in the name of “Instant Video” update and available at its messenger’s app on IOS and Android. We will directly go to describe about this new feature without explaining its background.

“Instant Video” is Latest Update Launched by Facebook On Its Messenger App

Few days back Facebook launched Live video feature for the web Facebook so that users can enjoy live video screaming with friends in the contact list. Now, this “Instant Video” is an update available on Facebook Messenger app on both platforms Android and IOS. Now, users can start live one-to-one conversation. It does not require the other end user pressing the green button to start the things rolling out. You just need to switch on the video camera on your Smartphone and “Instant Video” feature will be functioning automatically. You can say that this feature offers more personal and private live videos.

“Instant Video”

“Instant Video” feature allows both live video conversation with multiple contacts and one-to-one conversation, depends on you. In my opinion, this is a little but cool feature added to the Facebook Messenger app and allows private one-to-one conversation on the instant basis. “Insant Video” feature will improve the experience of using its messenger app.

Now friends and relatives will show the more dependence on live instant video chat instead of written messages on the inbox. “Instant Video” feature will allow the users to make the better use of their high quality front end cameras for live video chatting and make the most out of it. Since, Skype is not going to be available on Smartphone and Windows, the launch of this update is more relevant and useful to the people. Large number of people will be using “Instant Video” feature especially when Skype stop offering its services in near future announced by Microsoft.