A Single Text Message Made of Emoji Can Crash Your iPhone, Even You Do Not Open it

iPhone crash
iPhone crash

iPhone Hack: A text message made of emoji is very much in circulation now days and causing the iPhone to be crashed soon after message received.

It is an alarming post for the iPhone owners, if they have an iPhone which suddenly freezes with no obvious reason apparently; it is most probably because of encountering that malicious text message which causes the iPhone crash. This malicious message is made of combination of emojis which does not let the iPhone handle it and soon get crashed. This crashing problem is threatening all iPhone running on iOS 10. The worst thing about the malicious text is crashes your iPhone, even you have not opened/read it. iPhone owners are concerned about how to avoid iPhone crash.

This message filled with specific characters and emojis is too much powerful which makes the recipient totally helpless and does not leave a single room to be avoiding the crash. The phone freezes as soon as it receives the text.

As per the EverythingApple Pro, the creation of this text message requires sound technical knowledge and lots of work, but friends can use it to make a fun with you and sending the same message by copy and paste it. EverythingApple Pro explain about how to handle the situation and avoid the iPhone crash. In such case, an iPhone owner needs waiting for a while until iPhone recovers itself in order to handle the combination of emojis.