Jailbreak is already available for IOS 10

Jailbreak has always been awaited thing for iPhone users because they do not want to be limited to installing only those apps available on IOS Store. In the Jailbreak, these apps are not designed in accordance with the IOS compliance standards which makes the Apple team not allowing these apps to be available on IOS Store. There are large number of better apps available in Jailbreak as compared to Apple’s own official apps. The main news is the jailbreak for IOS 10 is already available even before the launch of IOS 10 beta version.

IOS Hackers has always informed the iPhone users through the tweet and video available on YouTube about IOS 10 has been broken and they are successfully running the Cydia on iPhone 5 and version is IOS 10.

In this video, the Jailbreak is performed on the 32-bit device which is also surprising. This shows that he performs the all jailbreak thing through his older I iBoot version.
In this video, It is not clear about the purpose of releasing this video by IH8snOw what he wants to show the people. Either he wants people to show the jailbreak of IOS 10 is possible or he is just doing all this for keeping his name up in the public.

Though, the jailbreak of IOS 10 has already been released but people are still super crazy about IOS 9 Jailbreak. Last year in the month of October, Pangu is a Chinese team which developed the IOS tool for the version 9.0-9.0.2. People are still using this tool to jailbreak the apps in these versions.


The current IOS version is 9.3.3 and there is no jailbreak available for this version. We can also expect the jailbreak for this version after the official release of IOS 10.