Latest Pokemon Game Smashed in the Gaming Market

pokemon goThe latest Pokemon game named “Pokemon Go” has successfully attained the players attention and it is expected to be earning higher revenues than its previous games such as “Alpha Sapphire”, “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon” and “Pokemon Shuffle”. This time the game is released with completely new features which make the player moving all around the house, society and even city. You have to collect the different variety of Pokemon which cannot be possible sitting at home and it makes this game distinguish from other games. Let me introduce you with the game and its main features.
Do we have any item available to find and catch the Pokemon?
The latest Pokemon game is released with multiple items helping you in catching the Pokemon, because there is quite possibility of you is unable to find Pokemon easily.
Incense:It is a mysterious fragrance that will lure the Pokemon and you can hunt him easily. Once Incense is activated by the player, it will be active only for thirty minutes. Therefore, finding and catching maximum Pokemon during thirty minutes of its activation. (According to the players of Pokemon, they recommend that activating Incense and walking all around will make you catching more Pokemon rather you site.). It is really useful item in latest Pokemon game.
Lucky Egg: It is an item which makes the player earning double points at the time of catching the Pokemon. It can be used only for thirty minutes and then you have to use other one.
Egg Incubator:
Each egg incubator can hold three eggs at a time, you can have incubator on the Poke Stop or you will have buy it. There must be maximum eggs at the end because each egg can have a Pokeomon, candies or experience.
All these items can also be purchased with the real money, you will definitely like spending money on it, once get addicted with the game.
Pokemon Go has Poke Stop
These are the places within your city which you can find travelling and visiting there. Poke Stop can be a park, building, public place or somewhere else. It will be appeared as a blue marker on the map, once you swipe on it and shows real picture of the place. Its significance is that user can find the number of Pokemon here and also the items explained above. You must must be having a question raised in the mind that what qualifies the place to be landmarked as Poke Stop. The answer is that place will most probably be a popular place which is visited by large number of people.
You always need to stay active as your Smartphone will be vibrating when Pokemon is in the range. You need to throw the Ball on the Pokemon to win it through using your Smartphone touch screen.
Types of Pokemon and where we can find them?
There are different types of Pokemon and they cannot be found at the same place / location.
Ice:In this Pokemon Go game, you can find the Ice Pokemon near the water, it is not necessary that water is frozen.
Bug: This type of Pokemon can be hunt down in open fields such as playgrounds, parks and farms.
Grass:This is a kind of Pokemon and you can find them in the area with full of grass such as gardens.
Water: You have to be visiting the lakes, streams and rivers to find this kind of Pokemon.
Rock: You can find this kind of Pokemon in the streets and parking lots.
Dark: This one is really interesting to improve your experience of watching movies in cinemas. You can find this Pokemon in Cinema.
Awful Places for the Poke Stop
There are few awful places identified which have become the Poke Stop to find the Pokemon in this latest Pokemon game.
Graveyard: This is the most inappropriate place to find your Pokemon in the graveyard especially at the night. This is a place where died people must be respected and this place should not be allowed catching Pokemon.
Adult Entertainment Shops: Pokemon Go is a game played by all age groups from 10 to 50. An eleven year old kid must not be visiting adult shops to go through the game. I wonder if legal institutions can come against this latest Pokemon game.  
How does this all Pokemon Walking Work?
Since, you are playing Pokemon game on your Smartphone and you need to turn on your GPS. This is a reason when you stay at home for finding the Pokemon, GPS navigation does not take you moving around and do not find the Pokemon for you. This latest Pokemon game is definitely not for the nerds who like staying home and spending big time on games without moving the body.
On the lighter note, this latest Pokemon game will definitely helpful in reducing the diabetes rate because lack of physical activity is the major cause behind the diabetesJ.