Lenovo Y27F For True Gamer: Curved Screen, Support Free AMDSync and Number of USB Ports

Lenovo Y27F

Lenovo Y27F is a gaming monitor especially designed in order to meet the gamer requirements and improving its experience on its 27 inches bigger screen. The question is how Lenovo Y27F differentiates from other gaming monitors available and how it is better? First of all, It has got an unique curved monitor screen with a supporting ability of AMD FreeSync which shows that Lenovo Y27F is not a moderate level monitor for average users.

Lenovo Y27F

Lenovo Y27F

We will discuss about its pricing later, it needs to be starting with refresh rate. Lenovo Y27F is designed to make the users get rid of the dreaded screen issue and improves the input efficiency to avoid any lags. Lenovo Y27F got a curved screen which makes the gamer enjoying high graphic, open world and in depth games more than ever. Though, critics argues that curved screen gaming monitors only allows good gaming experience to solo gamers, because one have to be sitting on the center line of curved monitor to make it most, a gamer sitting on the side will not be able seeing the things clearly on curved screen.

According to the senior officials, Lenovo Y27F is a highly optimized gaming monitor with improved refresh rate. It is installed with latest technology of AMD FreeSync which allows displaying the picture without screen tearing, no input lag and makes the more natural picture. Lenovo Y27F is available with the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 and Gamers knows very well its importance.

I do not find any reason a true gamer would not find Lenovo Y27F is an ideal gaming monitor. It is available with multiple USB ports, HDMI and its bright resolution will surely let the gamer stick with Y27F unless another revolutionary gaming monitor introduces. There are two of its concerned might prevent the gamers to buy this which are pricing and its lack of 4K resolution. Its price tag is $399 and not offering 4K resolution for playing games. Otherwise, Y27F is definitely worth buying gaming monitor on this price.