Live Location Sharing Feature on Facebook Messenger, Share Live Location with Friends and Family For 60 Seconds

live location sharing
live location sharing

Facebook Messenger has been trying introducing new features to become ever using app on phone. Its users have seen lots of changes over the past few months and new features are introduced to enhance its appealing to end users. Another new feature is being introduced “ Live Location Sharing ”, a user can share his/her live location in real time will contacts on Facebook account. This feature can help your friends and family to track your movements and can determine the estimate time for arriving at the destined location.

Live Location Sharing is similar feature recently debuted on Google Maps. Facebook may want to come up against Google Maps for few features but not all obviously, as it is a messenger app.

How to Use Latest Feature of Facebook “ Live Location Sharing ” on Facebook Messenger App

  • Launch Facebook Messenger, select the chat from the one in contacts with whom want to share the location with.
  • Simply Tap on the location button, It will open the map and then tap on blue bar to share your Live Location.
  • Whoever you selected for sharing the location with can see your current location for next one hour along with ETA.
  • The clock will be running on the screen showing how much time left for still location can be sharing. You can also press the “Stop” button if want to stop sharing before its 60 minutes.

You must be knowing that this is a highly battery consuming feature which takes most out of it, GPS needs to be switched on throughout the time for sharing location. Let’s see how many people go for Google Maps and how many rather chooses Facebook Messenger for the same feature. However, “ Live Location Sharing ” is going to be a useful feature for the travelers.