MediaTek Helio P25 Chip Most Powerful and Capable of High Processing Power and Useful for Dual-Camera Handsets

Helio P25
Helio P25

MediaTek has recently announced the launch of its most powerful new chip in the name of Helio P25, this is a SoC which can be greatly used in the budgeted flagship devices which demand going to be increased by leaps and bounds in the near future.

Helio P25
Helio P25

Helio P25 is basically designed in order to successfully tap the market, those Smartphone manufactures who are interested in building flagship handset with higher performance but available at moderate price.

Helio P25 will also be available in dual-camera capacity; all brands are engaged in launching more dual-camera phones in the response of increasing demand from consumer side. In addition to offering premium quality and better imaging ability, It is built of 16nm architecture which benefits the users most in its power-saving capacity and also ensures the delivery of high-end camera features.

The key camera features include:

  • Capable of HD recording and also offers full preview.
  • Addition of Turbo 3A which contributes into accelerating AE convergence speed at the rate of 55% maximum.
  • It can support up to 24MP single camera or dual-cameras of 13MP size each.
  • It can be used for color optimizing + Mono denoise.

As per the statement of Senior Executive Vice President at MediaTek, Helio P25 is very much capable of supporting the high-resolution and full of enriched Smartphone camera features that also enable amazing photo captures and 4K video recording.

It has also been confirmed by the company representatives that its 16nm FinFET process node enables the MediaTek Helio P25 processor to perform at the rate of 125% means addition 25% due to better power efficiency. On the graphics side, Helio P25 takes the advantage of ARM Mali T880 dual GPU clocked at up to 900MHz very much capable of handling the high-end graphics in the gaming and non-gaming apps.