Microsoft Office 365 and Its Different Plans Available

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You may be have little idea about Microsoft Office 365 and what it is used for and how it differenciates from ordinary Microsoft Office available. I would like to answer the frequenlty asked questions in the below and then share Office 365 updates with you.
What is Office 365 and share the differences comparing with Microsoft Office?
Office 365 is a subscription based services to access the Microsoft office applications through the cloud services. A user can access to the Microsoft office applications on its cloud storage and subscribed account for editing, deleting and sharing. You can also use the Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and One Note offline and any data you created will be updated through synching with your subscribed account on cloud storage. You purchase the Office 365 services through buying the subscription which is paid on monthly or annually basis. Latest Microsoft applications get updated automatically in Office 365 subscription.
Once, you purchase the ordinary Microsoft Office and install on your PC. It will be accessible only on your PC and you cannot use this version online through cloud services. It does not involve the automatically update the applications as long as user does not buy it.
Microsoft Office 365 available on different plans
Office 365 is available on Personal and Business plans which are designed to meet its needs seperately.
Personal Plan for Office 365
The latest plan is announced by Microsoft is “Personal” plan for obtaining the subscription of Microsoft Office 365. This plan is designed to meet the need of single user and subscriber will be allowed only for downloading one Microsoft Office. Furthermore, “Home Premium” will be available at $99.99 annually in which you can avail its applications such as Excel, One Note, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. According to this plan, a user can share it with maximum five family memebrs who can also use these Office applications under the Office 365 plan. It makes “Home Premium” plan more worthy to subscribed because it is sharable.
In this Office 365 plan, five family members can enjoy the free 20 GB data storage on Sky Drive as well as sixty free world calling minutes on the Skype. You can call anywhere across the world while using the Skype on your PC or smartphone.
It also enables the user downloading the Microsoft applications on someone else PC but on the temporarily basis. A user may need to edit its document saved on USB or stored in the SkyDrive and Web apps is not offering those features which requires to edit that document. A user will do this using the full version of Word through requesting the Office on demand. This facility is only available for the subscriber of Office 365.
There is also special offer available for the four-year degree students who frequently uses the Microsoft Office for assignments and similar purposes. They can subscribed Office 365 service for four years at $79.99 will be available on two PC’s.
Business Plan for Office 365
 Office 365 is offering its services to the business customers in three different tiers named such as Business, Business Essentials and Business Premium. Starting from the ordinary business plan, it offers seven Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Lync, its subscription allows the user to run these applications on up to five PC’s. A user will also get the online storage. Meanwhile, updates will be shared and received by the user on all these applications.
Now, discussing about the second tier Office 365 Business Essentials. It only allows the user using these applications online and not offline in the desktop version. It is also offering 1TB online storage for each user and email data can be saved upto 50GB. This plan is available at $5.61 for each month and each user.
The third and last tier or business plan named “Business Premium”, it combines the both features of these two discussed above.